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Typical hair ventilation techniques of a skin base hairpiece

We have made this video to share three knotless hair ventilation techniques for skin base hairpieces with you. Watch this technical video and learn all there is to know about V-looped, normal injected and lift injected hair. We know most of you are aware of these ventilation methods and sell a lot of hairpieces that

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How to Make a V-loop Hair System

As we know, with V-looped hair, the skin base of the toupee and the wig can be just 0.03mm in thickness. Thanks to the knotless technique of V-looped ventilation, these kinds of hairpieces are undetectable and very light. That’s why it continues to be such a popular type of hair system for people around the

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How to Make a Normal Injected Hair System

Like V-looped hair, normal injected hair is also a ventilation technique that can only be used on skin bases. There are no knots on the base and the technician will use a special ventilation needle to insert the hair into the base. The thickness is only 0.08mm. Watch our new technique video: How to make

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How to Design the Front Contour Shape for Custom-Made Hair System

To customize the most suitable hair systems for your customers, it is very important for you to have thorough communication with them concerning their detailed needs for the custom hair systems. So you will have a clear idea of the right way of customization that will make for the right hair systems. The very first

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Comparison of European Hair, Indian Hair, and Chinese Hair

Offering hair replacement systems can allow you to level up your business or offer a service that turns your salon into a luxury service. The secret to creating a successful high-end hairpiece is in the details, with the type of hair you use being no exception.  There are three popular options to choose from –

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How to Bleach Knots on a Wig Like a Professional

Most people who invest in wigs want to have the most natural-looking wig possible. Bleaching the knots on your hair system is a valuable technique that gives your hairpiece a more natural appearance.  What do bleached knots look like and when do you need to bleach knots on your hair system? This article would help

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Bleached Knots vs. Unbleached Knots: The Difference

When you choose a wig or hair replacement system, the type of knotting is an important factor that greatly matters how natural the hairpiece looks. Bleaching is a way to deal with knots. Many customers are confused about the difference between bleached knots and unbleached knots. This blog will help you figure out which one your

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