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Category: About Hair Loss & Thinning Hair


Encounter World’s 50 Balding Celebrities

There are many balding celebrities at the moment. Yes, let’s be straightforward, balding celebrities mean famous bald people.  Like you and I, when the balding process can’t be sorted out, every man has two choices: enjoy being bald and shaving his head, or do something about it to get back his full hair look. A

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20 Classy Older Men’s Hairstyles: Thinning Hair

Everyone looks at male models and admires their looks, including their beautiful, thick hair. However, most men realize that a full head of hair doesn’t last long. Some guys start noticing their receding hairline as early as 18. Usually, the first signs of hair loss begin near the forehead or on top of the head

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What’s the Fuss About Ted Danson’s Hair?

Debuted in the well-known 1978 show Cheers, twice Emmy award winner, Ted Danson, the 70-something San Diego-born actor, director and producer, the 6-feet-3 slender-looking dasher has always stayed in shape and kept fans impressed by his lush, professionally cut full head of hair. Well over the age of 70, from his very first AKA Sam

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Is David Spade’s Hair Real? Or It’s Just a Toupee?

As many of us must know, hair loss is quite a usual thing that happens to primary guys to differing degrees. That is why the number of men choosing to wear a wig or a toupee has never stopped growing over the past few years. That said, there have even been cases of a few

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Keith Urban’s Hair Through the Years

Your hair says a lot about your personality and having good hair and a hairstyle hold importance in people’s lives. For this, celebrities’ hairstyles influence all of us in some way or the other. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, the Weeknd, and Keith Urban have some of the best and most unique hairstyles

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The Whole Story About Steve Harvey’s Hair

Hair is undoubtedly a significant part of our appearance. Changes in hairstyles can make us appear very differently as well. That is why there have been more and more people with hair loss problems wearing hair wig products to appear the way they want. Even many world-renowned celebrities choose to do so, primarily for the

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Does Gene Simmons Wear a Wig

In the past, there were many discussions on whether Gene Simmons ever wore a wig to hide his hair loss among his followers. In case you are not very familiar with him, Gene Simmons, who is currently 72 years old, is an Israeli-American musician, singer, and songwriter. Also known by his stage persona “The Demon,” he

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