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New Times Hair Co. Limited is very good at doing custom made hair replacement systems exactly according to the customer’s requirements. Some new hair toupee wholesalers, retailers or salon technicians may not be familiar with ordering custom made hair systems for their customers. This blog will introduce how to order custom made hair systems for your customers to help them get suitable custom hair systems.

If your customer has a hair system sample in hand and needs to duplicate it, you can simply send it to us. We’ll copy all specifications exactly according to that sample. This is the easiest way for you to order custom hair replacement systems for your customers.

Besides sending us a sample piece to duplicate, you can also fill in your own or our custom made order form to put the detailed requirements of custom made human hair wigs. The necessary order details that need to be confirmed to do custom hair replacement systems are base size, front shape, base design, hair type, hair color, hair density, hair wave, hair direction.

For base size and front shape, you can send us a plastic template/sample piece to copy. If you don’t have a template or sample piece, alternatively you can provide us with the measurement sizes for the front to back and from left to right. Let us know the front shape you need and we can customize it for you. For the front shape, we can do A, AA, B, BB, C, CC, and standard shape. The standard shape is between A and CC. You can choose a front shape according to your customer’s needs.

For base design, we can do many different kinds of base designs for your customer’s custom made human hair wigs. The most common ones are mono base, lace base, skin base, silk top base, etc.

Mono Base


Fine mono base has a strong knit weave and can bear extra heavy hair density making it extra durable. Therefore, if the customer wants a high-density hair replacement, this is a good choice for the customer.

We also supply a super fine mono base, but this base can bear a maximum of medium density.

As for fine welded mono, it is also a durable base. Similarly, to the fine mono base, it can also hold extra heavy hair density.

Lace Base


French lace is commonly used on hair bases. It is both breathable and natural. The highest hair density of French lace is medium-heavy density (140%). French lace comes in flesh color and can be dyed into light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. We can also do bleach knots on French lace base, so the knots of your custom made hair systems will be invisible and natural.

Swiss lace is softer than French lace. It is very fine but also delicate. The normal wear time is only around 1 month. It comes in the same colors as French lace. The highest density for Swiss lace is medium-light (100% density) and the option of bleached knots is also available with Swiss lace.

Skin Base


We can do 3 kinds of skin bases, clear pu, pu with gauze and pu coat.

Clear PU is thinner than the other 2 types. The thinnest thickness can be only 0.03mm. We call 0.03mm as ultra-thin skin, our stock toupee HS25-V is full ultra-thin skin 0.03mm thickness. We also supply a variety of stock pieces HS1, HS1-V, HS1-INS.

PU with Gauze exists when brushing a layer of poly on a net.

PU Coating is to attach a layer of French lace or fine mono with poly on PU gauze.

Pu hair systems are easy to attach using glue or tape, and it is easier for your customers to clean the base.  They are very convenient for clients who take off their hair replacements daily or weekly.

Besides, clear PU hair systems come with different knot types for custom hair replacement systems.  They can be knotted, v-looped, or injected. Different knot types have different effects. Knots are durable, injected and v-looped are more natural than knots but less durable because there are no knots on the base.

With injected skin bases, the hair is injected into the base, which looks very natural just like the hair is growing from the scalp.

There are 2 types of injected skin bases, flat injected skin bases and lift injected skin bases. For a flat injected skin base, the hair is very flat on the base, and it can’t change hair direction when combed freely. With Lift injected skin bases, the hair appears upright. The hair is directly injected from above. Lift injected skin bases are more natural-looking than flat injected bases, and the hair direction of your custom made hair systems can be changed.

Silk Top Base


Silk top is also called injected lace. Normally silk top has 3 layers: silk mono, injected lace and diamond net.

Silk mono is the layer closest to the hair side, the injected lace is in the middle, the diamond net is in the inside layer that will touch the head when the customer wears the hairpiece.

When we apply ventilation, first we knot the hair on the injected lace and the middle layer. Then we will use an injected needle to inject hair through the silk monolayer. That is why the hair appears to be growing out of the customer’s own scalp on the hair base. Finally, we add a layer of the diamond net on the inner base. The diamond net is soft and can help to prevent the hair and knots from coming out.

For hair type, we use both human hair and synthetic hair for our custom-made hair systems. The available types of human hair we have are normal Indian hair, Indian Remy hair, Chinese virgin hair, and European hair.

Normal Indian hair has no hair cuticles because we completely remove them with acid treatment.  Why do we remove the cuticles of custom made human hair wigs? That’s because when we import normal Indian hair, the hair roots and ends are mixed together so the hair is not in the same direction. Removing the cuticle thoroughly ensures the hair will not tangle.

Indian Remy hair and Chinese virgin hair are more durable than normal Indian hair, because the hair direction is all the same, so we don’t have to remove cuticles completely.  We can only remove cuticles on the 3-4” return hair. The cuticles are intact for the rest of the hair. This makes the hair more natural and durable. For Indian Remy hair, our longest hair length is 6”.

The unprocessed European hair is soft, silky with good texture and a nice hand-feel with its natural color.  If a customer requires a specific hair color and we will have to process the hair color, the hair might become less smooth than it otherwise would be. The longest hair length for European hair is also 6”.

For hair color, we can perfectly match the hair color for your customers if they can provide a hair color sample to duplicate. If it is not convenient to send us a color sample to do custom made human hair wigs, you can help them choose a hair color number from our color rings. We have 3 sets of color rings, Newtimes Hair men’s color ring, Newtimes Hair lady’s color ring, and New Image color ring. You can purchase our color rings so we will have the same color standard. Of course, you can send us your own color ring for reference.

For hair density, different companies may have different density standards and percentages of their custom made hair systems. We strongly suggest you purchasing our density ring so we can reach the same standards for all the orders. Our density and percentages are as below:

  •   Extra light: 60%
  •   Light: 80%
  •   Medium-light: 100%
  •   Medium: 120%
  •   Medium-heavy: 140%
  •   Heavy: 160%
  •   Extra-heavy: 180%


For hair wave, we also have our wave curl ring for your reference, you can either purchase a set of wave curl rings or choose from our wave curl photos when you order custom made hair systems for your customers.


For hair direction, we can do a left crown, center crown, right crown, left part, center part, right part, left break, right break, flat back, forward pomp, freestyle.

Freestyle is the most commonly used hair direction. It allows you to change the hair direction freely.

If you need a left part, center part, or right part, we only do slight hair add on the parting line to make it clear and visible. But if you require left to break or right break, we’ll add more hair on the parting line to make it less visible.

For flat back and forward pomp, some customers may be confused by them and can’t tell the difference. For the flat back, all the hair is ventilated backward, so you can’t change or comb the hair to other directions. However, forward pomp is different, it is used to ventilate hair like freestyle first, that is to say, the front hair is ventilated forward first, and then we comb and style the front hair backward. And you can also change hair direction according to your needs.

In conclusion, we can do custom made hair systems according to the exact requirements of your customers. It would be perfect if you could send us sample pieces to duplicate, otherwise, we have many useful order tool rings to help you to order custom made hair systems for your customers in order to help them get suitable custom hair replacement systems.



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