How to take care of your hair replacement system

Proper care and specific products are essential to ensure the good maintenance and durability of your hair replacement system. 

1. Proper Cleaning

Hair pieces should be cleaned regularly, but not too often. The general recommendation is once a week, depending on your daily activities. Avoid friction and do not use hair dryers, irons or curlers at a high heat or too often.




2. Specific Products
 Human hair used in making a hair system, even of the highest quality, has been subjected to different procedures that make it more sensitive and delicate than your own growing.  It is for this reason that it is recommended to preferably use hair products formulated specifically for the care of  wigs or toupees for men
3. Washing, Conditioning and Drying
Human hair replacement systems require specific washing, conditioning and drying, different from that of your own hair. Hair care specialists are best able to tell you how this care should be done so you can do it properly at home.


4. Maintenance at a Salon

Although weekly washing and drying of your wig at home is fine, you can also go to a salon if preferred. Hair stylists are very professional in taking care of your hair piece and they can also style your hair.
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