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Having been dedicated to the men's toupee wholesale business for more than a decade, New Times Hair always strives to offer top class hairpieces for men from all over the world. All our toupee hair replacement systems are spoken highly of by all our clients and partners in terms of quality, variety, price and service. We are sure you will find the right hair pieces for men here!

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Toupee For Men

At New Times Hair, we understand the power of good hair. Undergoing various stages of hair loss and baldness - whether as a result of age, stress, heredity or a life-changing diagnosis - leads many men to look at toupee, hairpiece instead of expensive and painful surgery. The men's toupee available off the shelf often look fake, either of the low quality materials or they are not a good match for the remaining hair. When a hair replacement professional scouts for materials to create a toupee for men, quality and cost are the top two concerns.

    When the hair replacement professionals work, they consider the style of the men's toupee and also use a range of different criteria. Is it a good match for the facial structure? When looking at toupee for men, what kind of color works with the skin tone? Is the client physically active and in need of a hairpiece that stands up to sweat, humidity, or movement? The right mens hair pieces won't magically appear out of thin air or hop off a shelf and look perfect. It takes a professional with superior materials to create excellent synthetic or Indian human hair toupee for men. If a customer wants high-quality toupees, though, then they should invest in a good human hair toupee.

    Looking for great ordering system to supply your clients with the great hair pieces they want? When ordering hairpiece, professionals should know that our delivery time takes about 3 to 5 days for supplying the same. We can ship your order as soon as the payment clears. Our fast turnaround keeps everything including most in-demand items in stock and available for use when making falls, toppers, extensions, and wigs that are stylish and durable, with the natural look, feel, and movement that discerning customers need.

Why Toupees for men

    Baldness and hair loss isn't a life-threatening condition, but it can damage self-esteem and psychological well-being. With the wealth of options available, men looking for an alternative to expensive and painful hair replacement surgery have many choices as to the type and style of hair replacement systems available

    While there are numerous off-the-shelf choices, only a custom men's toupee fully mimics the look and feel of hair and matches the color and direction of remaining hair. When creating toupees for men, professionals have many options for bases and can select between a synthetic or human hair toupee for men.

    The business of hair restoration requires that professionals provide high-quality toupees. It's a time- and materials-intensive endeavor that needs a solid, experienced supplier that will keep best-selling items on-hand and ready to shipment with a fast turnaround. Don't let your clients or yourself down – pick the best materials from an experienced and established company!


Men's Toupee FAQs