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Hair Pieces for Men Wholesale

Source top-quality hair replacement systems at New Times Hair – the most reputable men’s hair pieces manufacturer!

More and more hair loss sufferers are starting to deal with their hair loss issues now. Demand for hair pieces for men is ever increasing.

As proved by dermatologists, hair transplant is not for everyone. To the vast majority, a non-surgical hair replacement system is arguably the ultimate answer for all men suffering from hair loss.

At New Times Hair, we offer a safe, non-invasive, affordable, non-surgical hair loss solution that instantly boosts the looks of your clients.

As one of the top men’s hair pieces manufacturers in China, New Times Hair offers a wide range of stock hair pieces for men varying in different hair colors and base sizes. We also have custom-made hair pieces for men available to meet your customers’ needs.

Having coped for more than 15 years in the hair industry, doing men’s hair pieces wholesale and manufacturing, we have all our services carried out under a collaborative process, which allows us to reduce costs to the minimum.

We have partnered with thousands of local hair system distributors, men’s hairpieces wholesale suppliers, retailers, and hair salons in more than 200 countries. We keep receiving positive feedback from our partners globally that their customers are thrilled by the naturalness and durability of our men’s toupee hair pieces.

All our hair pieces for men are made of 100% natural human hair collected from all over the world. Choose the best to be the best. You shall meet your target in no time!


Hair Pieces for Men FAQs

How to order wholesale male hair pieces from New Times Hair

Take easy steps to get started with our men’s hairpieces wholesale program and view our wholesale prices for men’s hair pieces and hair replacement systems.

Step 1: Fill out this wholesale hair systems form of application. 
Step 2: Our team will review and approve your application and open a registered wholesale account for you.
Step 3: Login in with the account details we send you, and you can start to check the prices for stock hairpieces for men.

How much do hair pieces for men cost if ordered in bulk?

Prices of hair pieces for men usually depend on hair type, length, base caps, etc. Wholesale prices of hair pieces for men also rely on the quantity you order. The more you order, the more you will save. Typically, you can expect a price reduction of 20% to 50% from the average retail price when you buy hair pieces in bulk from New Times Hair.

Please fill out our wholesale hair pieces application form  to apply or contact us directly at

Is New Times Hair a men’s hair pieces manufacturer or a men’s hair pieces wholesale supplier?

We are not precisely a manufacturer of hair pieces for men. We manufacture hair pieces for men. We distribute hair pieces for men. We wholesale hair pieces for men. We retail hair pieces for men. In short, we make, distribute, and wholesale hair pieces for men globally and electronically.
We have a hairpiece factory, with over 100 manual workers manually making and processing men’s toupee hair pieces (or hairpieces for men) for us. We are also a men’s hairpieces wholesale supplier and distributor, keeping every step from production to shipping under close control. You can rely on us as your most trusted men’s hair pieces supplier, wholesaler, and manufacturer!
We have long eliminated the middleman to reduce production costs to a minimum. Local salons that offer men’s hairpieces installation services can also order hair pieces for men directly through us at wholesale price.
For any bulk orders at New Times Hair, we offer exclusive discounted wholesale prices to keep your business costs low and competitive.

Learn more about New Times Hair.

What are hair pieces for men?

Hair pieces for men or men’s hair pieces, or men’s toupee hair pieces, also known as non-surgical hair replacement systems, are a modern hair loss solution designed to wholly or partially cover areas of the scalp with hair loss.

Quality human hair pieces can cover the wearer’s balding areas and blend perfectly with the remaining hair to give him a full-hair look that no one can tell he’s wearing a hair piece by just looking at him.

At New Times Hair, we specialize in manufacturing hair pieces for men made of 100% genuine human hair. All of the hair is ethically sourced and processed professionally to make our products.

How are men’s hair pieces attached to the scalp?

Men’s hair pieces are typically attached by tapes and glue, and some clients with sensitive scalps will use clips.

Whether you’re an experienced stylist or a barbering newbie, you got to learn the best techniques for putting on hair pieces for men properly. Follow our instructions on men’s hair pieces installation to learn everything in detail.

Step 1. Prepare the scalp for the men’s hairpiece installation
Step 2. Cutting the base of the men’s hair piece to size
Step 3. Remove any remaining oils or residues from the customer’s scalp
Step 4. Apply scalp protector to the scalp
Step 5. Glue the hair system to the prepared and shaved areas of the scalp
Step 6. Treat the hair on the hair piece and the customer’s natural hair as a unity, and cut and style them into the style the customer wants

How long do hair pieces for men last?

How long the men’s hair pieces last depends on a few main factors, such as the base material, base structure, hairstyle, and how well the wear takes care of them. The base material is the foremost factor determining the hair piece’s lifespan. Some base materials are more resistant to damage and wear than others.

Base Material(Product Code)


Skin 0.03mm(HS25)

Around 4 Weeks

Skin 0.06mm(HS1-V)

2-3 Months

Skin 0.08mm(HS1, HS15+, INS)

3-4 Months

Skin 0.1mm(HS1VP, DURO INS)

3-6 Months

Swiss Lace(SUNNY)

1-2 Months

French Lace(HS7, HS7R, Q6, AUSTRALIA, OCT)

3-4 Months

Monofilament(ICON, D7-3, MF1)

6-12 Months

How to choose the best hair pieces for men?

We have concluded the list of best hairpieces for men in our blogs. Visit our blog article below to learn more.

Best hair pieces for men in naturalness.
Best hair pieces for men in breathability and for summer use.
Best hair pieces for men in longevity.

Can I sleep with a hair piece for men?

Different from traditional wigs, which need to be taken off at night. When wearing a glue-on hair piece, you are just like having your own hair. You can absolutely sleep, shower, work out, and swim with the hair piece on.

Glue-on hairpiece typically takes a reattachment every three to four weeks and a weekly touch-up.

Can you swim in hair replacement systems?

You can absolutely swim with the hair system on. Wearing hairpieces or hair systems doesn’t limit your life and activities. Follow these steps to get your customers ready to swim with men’s hair pieces with no worry about hair pieces falling off or ruining the hair pieces.

Step1: Use waterproof hair system tape and glue when you install the hair unit to prevent it from falling off.
Step2: Rinse the hair pieces in freshwater before swimming to prevent chlorine or salt from damaging the hair.
Step3: Rinse and shampoo the hair pieces thoroughly after swimming. That is to wash off excess harmful substances from the pool water.
Step4: Condition the hair pieces to provide extra moisture and relieve the impacts of chlorine and saltwater on your men’s hairpieces.

Advantages of hair pieces for men over transplant surgeries

Here are the reasons why you should choose men’s hair pieces over transplant surgeries.

Unlike hair transplant surgeries, which usually are associated with risks such as scarring, infection, pain, etc. Our hair pieces for men have zero side effects since they are entirely non-surgical and chemical-free. It is a risk-free and better alternative to hair transplants.

Hair replacement systems or men’s hairpieces are the solutions at least cost for hair loss sufferers, especially compared to hair transplants. Generally speaking, a hair loser can expect to spend less than US$1000 on their hair pieces each year, while a hair transplant surgery may easily cost them a five-figure.

Instant Change
Hair replacement systems enhance the wearer’s looks and help him gain back confidence as he puts it on. Also, by providing timely feedback, you help us improve our products and services.

Other Qualities Of Our Hair Replacement Systems
User-friendly and customizable, and can be adopted by people from all walks of life. Many top celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, Ted Danson, Nicklas Cage, etc., also use men’s hair pieces to make themselves look young and cool. And, of course, no one can tell they are wearing hair pieces.

Will hair pieces for men fall off?

With the right adhesives and proper attachment technique, the toupees don’t easily fall off or even get pulled off.

Glue on hair toupee usually can stay three to four weeks on the head. After that, it needs to be removed and reattached by the hairstylist.

Tips to Avoid Toupee Falling off

1. Before you put your toupee wigs on, you need to make sure the scalp is clean and free of any oils.
2. Choose adhesives made for longevity and waterproof.
3. Reattach the hairpieces in between when it comes loose to ensure a secure fit.

What are the types of hair pieces for men at New Times Hair?

There are different types of wholesale men’s hair pieces options available, including lace hair pieces, skin hair pieces, mono hair pieces, silk top hair pieces, front partial hair pieces, and more.

Wholesale Lace Hair Pieces for Men
Lace hair pieces for men usually have a base of woven French lace material. Lace is our most ordered material. Swiss lace and German lace are also trendy, if not as popular as French lace. But they are an updated version of the French lace. Perfectly breathable, a superb choice for hot weather and sports. The most impressive part of our Swiss and German lace bases is that lots of our customers using them have testified that they feel there’s nothing on their heads while wearing them.
Talking about being realistic, the super-thin threads making up the base are absolutely undetectable, especially after the knots get bleached.
The lace base is commonly used in countries where people get scorching summers. Lace bases dominate hairpiece markets in tropical countries such as India and Mexico.

Wholesale Skin Hair Pieces for Men
Skin-based hair pieces for men have a base made of polyurethane materials that imitate the appearance of human skin. Unlike the lace base with thousands (if not tens of thousands) of little holes, the polyurethane base is impermeable. They can never be as breathable as the lace base is. Neither can they cope with sweating as well as the lace can.
However, it doesn’t mean that skin-based hair pieces are any less popular. They are easy to wash and clean. It is effortless to clean off the glue applied on the skin side of it.
On the other hand, skin-based hair pieces are divided into more subcategories than lace-based hair replacement systems. Generally speaking, the thinner the skin base, the more realistic the hair system looks, and the more comfortable it feels.
Nevertheless, skin-based hair pieces are not as durable as those with thicker bases. There is a subtle trade-off for the wearers to weigh up the difference.
Wholesale Monofilament Hair Pieces for Men
The base of Mono hair pieces is made from a more robust material called monofilament. Mono materials are permeable and more breathable than skin bases but not as breathable as the lace.
Mono is usually combined with lace and skin to make a multi-purpose hybrid base. For example, it is pretty standard for hair system bases to be made up of a mono top, thin skin perimeter, and lace front.
A thin skin perimeter around the mono base is widely used to facilitate easy attachment and removal. For skin, materials are compatible with both glue and tape. To achieve a more realistic look, a layer of French lace with all the bleached knots can be applied to the front area to present an undetectable hairline. 
Wholesale Silk Top Hair Pieces for Men
Recent market innovation has made silk-top hair pieces ever popular. Silk top hair replacement systems are developed mainly for wearers extremely fussy about their hairpieces looking realistic and undetectable.
Unlike other wholesale hair pieces for men, silk top hair pieces come with a base that consists of two layers of highly durable and realistic-looking silk mono, made to look like a natural human scalp.
Every strand of hair is tightly knotted onto the underlayer, then pulled through the top layer, so the knots are absolutely hidden by the top layer and make it look like natural hair growing out of a real human scalp.
Wholesale Frontal Hair Pieces for Men’s Receded Hairline
Front partial hair pieces for men are exclusively developed for those whose hairline is relentlessly receding.
As one of the latest hair pieces for partial hair loss, front partial hair pieces for men are a very efficient and intelligent way to make up for the lost hair at the front.
It is significantly smaller than standard men’s hair pieces. The typical size of the front partial hair piece is 6’’x1’’. That is why it costs a lot less.
Like most other types of wholesale hair pieces for men, the base of partial hair pieces is usually made from lace or skin materials that are highly realistic looking and complemented with 100% natural human hair. Glue or tape is often used for attachment.

If you want to know more about our wholesale hair pieces for men, visit our wholesale stock toupee and custom toupee catalog to explore.

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