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There are three different hair types, normal hair, remy hair and virgin hair. Most customers want to know how to choose right hair types. The following is the difference among the three hair types.


Normal hair type: normal hair is after acid-treatment, without cuticle.  The hair tip and hair root are mixed, not all in one direction. But it won’t tangle because after acid-treatment it is smooth without any cuticle left. The hair is very soft and thin. It has natural color, also might have been bleached and dyed.


Remy hair type: remy hair is cut as braid hair. The hair root and hair tip are all in same direction. It is also after acid-treatment, but less. There is still little cuticle left. It has natural color, also might have been bleached and dyed. It is more durable than normal hair. 


Virgin hair type: virgin hair  is cut as braid hair from the head of one person. The hair root and hair tip are all in one direction. The color is in original natural color, and never been dyed, nor bleached.  It isn’t after any acid-treatment and it is with cuticle intact.  It is just natural healthy hair without any process on it.  It is the most durable. 


NT LW248 hair

NT LW248 hair


You can choose the hair type as the need according to the difference of the three types of hair. 

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