Super Tape for Hairpiece - [Product code: SUPERTAPE]

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  • Brand:   True Tape
    Tape color:   Transparent
    Hold Time:   4-6 weeks
    Tape Rolls:   3 yards
      Feature:   More tacky, can use for any
     Length& Width:  1”( 3 yards)


    This supertape tape is one of our stock hair system tape. It can be sent out within 24 work hours.


    Supertape is a brand new hairpiece tape that has recently become popular for extended wear bond. The standard for holding power in the Hair Enhancement Industry.

    Use supertape for any base material and for the longest, most-secure client hold as possible. However, many of our clients claim that it does not break down as much and is easier to clean after removal. 3-4-


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