A Guide to K Tip Extensions

When dealing with hair extension methods, no one can overlook the prevalent K tip hair extensions. “K tip extensions” is short for “keratin bond hair extensions” or “keratin tip extensions.”

As known to some, K tips extensions are usually attached to the hair with keratin bonds in tiny sections. They blend perfectly into the wearer’s natural hair and are barely detectable. The keratin bond is usually transparent or the same color as the extension hair, so wearers never have to worry about their hair extensions showing.

In this post, we’ll briefly explain how the different types of K tip extensions are related and what to look for when choosing K tip hair extensions.

What Are K Tips Hair Extensions?

What are K tip hair extensions? Keratin tips hair extensions come in tiny bunches of human or synthetic hair. A solidified keratin blob holds the hair together at the end of every bunch. When we attach the K tips extensions, we heat the tip to melt it. The keratin tip will bind the wearer’s natural and extension hair together when it solidifies again.


K tip hair extensions are also called fusion or hot fusion hair extensions. As their name implies, “fusion hair extensions” are attached to the wearer’s hair by fusing into it. The two terms are often used interchangeably.

Do K Tip Extensions Damage Our Natural Hair?

However, did you know that 97% of celebrities in the entertainment industry wear hair extensions? And almost every one of them wears K-tip extensions. If proper care and safety precautions are taken, K-tip extensions will never damage our natural hair.

K tip hair extensions may pose a risk to our natural hairs only if installed incorrectly or inappropriately cared for.

1. K Tip Extensions May Cause Harm if Left in for Too Long

K tip hair extensions can damage our natural hair if the wearer leaves them in for too long a stretch of time.

As dirt and products accumulate around the bonds, the extensions become heavier and heavier, pulling against the roots. Taking a K break by removing them regularly and reinstalling them is a must.

2. Keratin Exists in Our Natural Hair

Many clients ask whether the keratin bond contains harmful chemicals that damage our natural hair. The answer is yes and no.

Some bad keratin-bonded hair extensions have bonds made of silicone or other chemicals that may harm our natural hair.

However, with New Times Hair, it’s a different story. Our keratin bond deserves the name “keratin.” Keratin is a natural substance that exists in our hair shaft. They are super safe to use on hair extensions. At New Times Hair, our keratin bond hair extensions only use purely keratin on the tip. They will combine flawlessly with natural hair and never chemically harm your client’s hair. Even if your client has fine or thin hair can use our keratin bond hair extensions with no worries!

Explore our k-tip hair extension collections. You can save up to 50% once getting our wholesale price!

3. The Use of Heat Protectant Is Highly Recommended

Although natural keratin tips will never harm our natural hair. The installation do need a heat iron. Improperly using of the heat iron can cause styling iron burn and quickly destroy the hair cuticles. That’s why we recommend using thermal protectants.

As we attach K tips hair extensions to the wearer’s natural hair, we usually have to align the keratin bond with the natural hair and melt the keratin with a heat tool. Heat protectant sprays coat the natural hair with a protective layer to stop heat from damaging our hair. However, before applying heat protectants, ensure the hair is absolutely dry.

4. Never Install K-Tip Extensions Too Close to the Scalp

How close is close enough but not too close? Suppose you bond the hair and the keratin less than 1/2 inch from the scalp. In that case, the bond will be too tight, potentially popping the scalp and causing the follicles to loosen up, and natural hair may shed. So always remember to bond the extensions at least 1/2 inch from the scalp.

5. Always Get an Expert to Attach K-Tip Extensions

K tip extensions are a highly professional, semi-permanent hair extension method. There’s no way one could install K tip extensions at home unless anyone in the household is a trained hair extension installer. Like other hair extension methods, always get a qualified person, except for halo or clip-in hair extensions.


Are K-Tip Extensions Good for Thin Hair?

Are keratin tip extensions good for thin or fine hair? The answer is yes.

Thin or fine hair are two different scenarios.

  • Thin hair means the person has lost a significant amount of hair, and now less hair remains than it used to.
  • Fine hair means the person’s individual hair shaft is thin, and without shedding any hair, her hair still appears thin.

A person with thin hair and one with fine hair may look similar outwardly, so we can use the same or similar hair extension methods to make their hair look thicker and longer.

K-tip hair extensions are great for fine thin hair clients.

First, as we mentioned above, they are super natural and safe to use. So they won’t harm the delicate hair strand.

Second, K tip hair extensions are lightweight. The K tip bond is purely keratin and melts perfectly into the wearer’s natural hair. It won’t pop the scalp.

Last, unlike weft extensions, K-tip hair extensions have very small bonds. They can easily hide under the wearer’s thin natural hair, and won’t stick out of the natural hair, allowing for 360-degree movement.

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K Tip Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Discussing K tip extensions’ pros and cons, every coin has two sides. I haven’t found anything that’s perfect and has no drawbacks.

Let’s take some premium-quality hair extensions, for example. They may cost more than other hair extensions. They are premium, so they are expensive. However, their high cost to some will be considered a con or disadvantage in this scenario. That’s also true with keratin tips extensions.

Now let’s look at the keratin hair extensions pros and cons.


  • Lightweight

Unlike other hair extension methods, K-tip extensions have tiny, light keratin tips. No metal, tape, or different kinds of material are contained inside the keratin bond. It’s purely keratin, the same substance that forms our natural hair. So when attached, the extension doesn’t generate any weight pulling on our natural hair. K tips extensions are especially beneficial for thin hair.

  • Small Bonds

Other hair extension methods, such as nanorings, use tiny metal beads to bond natural and extension hair together. No matter how small the beads are, they generate minimal weight and volume, pulling lightly on the wearer’s natural hair, which could potentially damage or cause it to shed.

Keratin bonds, however, are very tiny. When bonded, they melt into our natural hair as one. Their weight and volume are negligible, so they are hidden perfectly under the wearer’s natural hair. No one can see the bonds.

  • More Natural Than Most Other Extensions

K tip extensions are generally more natural than other extensions. Hair manufacturers like New Times Hair only produce bonds purely made of keratin. The same protein forms our natural hair. That’s how it melts into the natural hair perfectly and even adds depth or dimension.

  • Durability

K tip hair extensions create durable bonding, lasting longer than other hair extensions. If appropriately taken care of, K tip hair extensions last 3 to 5 months. As said just now, “K” for Keratin is precisely the substance our natural hair consists of. Once fused together, it hardly ever breaks. So, be sure to look after them.

  • Versatility

No wonder all celebrities love K tip extensions. They are versatile and would go perfectly with all kinds of hairstyles (up or down). You can get the hair colored, permed, or styled however you like.


  • Highly Professional

K tip extensions are highly professional hair extensions, and there’s no way for them to be installed at home. Always make sure to get a trained and experienced stylist to install them. If you must do it at home, get a trained stylist to install it at your house.

  • Pricey

With K tips extensions, it usually takes 3–4 hours to install. That’s why K tips extensions cost you heaps. That’s mainly labor costs. Primarily, you must go back 3–4 months and rebond them. It also means it will cost quite a bit.

  • It Takes Longer to Attach and Remove

The wearer has to sit for 3–4 hours in the stylist’s chair for keratin bond hair extensions to be installed. It also takes hours to get them rebonded each time the wearer revisits the salon.

  • Temperature Sensitive

The wearer must protect the bond from high temperatures as it melts or loosens if heated. They must keep the temperature low when using a heater or styling iron. They have to be very cautious about the temperature.

  • Hard to Maintain

K tip extensions are very picky about shampoos and products. Many will cause the bond to loosen up, resulting in hair loss. Sulfate-free shampoos are a must. Also, if the wearer rubs or combs the hair too hard when washing, the hair will get less glossy, and she will lose more hair.

How to Install K tip hair extensions

How to install K tip hair extensions? The bonds of K tip hair extensions must not be too close to the root. It has to be several millimeters from the scalp (1/2 inch at least). Be sure to get a professional to install the K-tip extensions.

How to Install K tip hair extensions

Step 1: To install K tip extensions, the wearer’s hair should be 5 inches (12.7cm) long so the bonds won’t show.

Step 2: Part the hair horizontally at the back of the head and hold the top half of the hair up with hair clips. The lower half of the hair is going to carry the extensions. Conventionally, you install them bunch by bunch and from side to side. Make sure the hair is clean and dry.

Step 2: Spray the heat protectant onto the hair or insert the tiny bunch carrying the extension into a heat-protectant circle for heat protection. Align the extension bond with the spot of the bunch of hair where you want the bond to be.

Step 3: Melt the bond with an extension iron. Just before the bond solidifies and is no longer transparent, twirl it with the natural hair to bond them together.

Step 4: Repeat the steps above to install all K tip extensions on the person’s natural hair.

Step 5: Brush the wearer’s hair gently to allow natural and extension hair to blend well.

How Long Do K Tip Extensions Last?

How long do keratin bond hair extensions last depends on the hair used and how well we look after them. On average, K tip hair extensions can last 3-5 months. With New Times Hair premium Remy hair extensions, they can last over a year if cared for them appropriately.

Besides, the extensions go down as the natural hair grows longer. Also, every 3–4 months, the wearer must return to the salon for reinstallation and to replace the bonds.

Best K Tip Hair Extensions

New Times Hair remains true to our vision. We have consistently stayed abreast of the most cutting-edge hair-making techniques as they progress. Whatever gets put on the market, we have it.

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Here are some of our best K tip hair extensions (or fusion hair extensions). Take a good look and find your favorite fit for your customer.

1. Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 28″, 30″
Hair Color (NJF COLOR RING)NATURAL BLACK, #1, #1B, #2, #4, #6, #8, #18, #22, #27, #60, #613, #1001
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

Discreet, comfortable, and lightweight, our flat-tip hair extensions blend perfectly into the wearer’s natural hair. There’s no way to see the bonds. Premium Remy human hair is used with intact, healthy cuticles and holds colors permanently. 13 colors are available, ranging from black to bright blonde; lengths are from 14 to 30″ to suit all different length requirements.

2. Ombre Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″
Hair Color (NJF COLOR RING)T#2/4, T#4/60, T4P#4/60
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

Ombre flat tips are part of the flat-tip hair extension family. The bonding techniques are precisely the same as for flat tips. However, what makes them stand out is their ombre tones.

Because it gives hair color depth and dimension, the ombre is popular with millions of people. Ombre has long been set huge, and many celebrities and influencers favor it. We have three base colors: auburn, brown, and blonde, each with a unique ombre effect.

3. Flat Tip Hair Extensions in Mixed/Piano Colors

Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26.”
Hair Color (NJF COLOR RING)P#18/613, P#8/18, T#18/60, T#4/18
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

Piano colors are strikingly unique hair colors featuring a bald contrast between black and white shades. They are much like the keys on a piano. Their high contrast can make for a dramatic and eye-catching look. Plus, pianos can be customized to fit a range of skin tones and personalities.

New Times Hair has made all piano colors available to suit all skin tones. From dark brown to bright blonde, we have them perfectly colored.

4. U-tip hair extensions

Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 28″, 30″
Hair Color (NJF COLOR RING)NATURAL BLACK, #1, #1B, #2, #4, #6, #8, #18, #22, #27, #60, #613, #1001
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

U-tip hair extensions are a typical family member of K tip hair extensions. The letter “U” simply represents the shape of its keratin tip. The keratin tip is a letter “U.” It is a smartly upgraded version of K tip extensions.

Why? Does the letter “U” look like a well-shaped trough? And yes, you will have the trough to carry and hold the wearer’s natural hair. Once heated, the bond melts, you can easily twiddle it, and the bond is secured. It speeds up the installation process.

5. U-Tip Hair Extensions Available in Ombre

Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″
Hair Color (NJF COLOR RING)T#2/8, T#4/60, T#6/22, T4P#4/60
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

Again, ombre is a famous tone option that gives hair dimension and sophistication. New Times Hair has four base colors available, ranging from orange to bright blonde. All have their own ombre tones to suit various color preferences.

The hair lengths are from 14 to 26,” all 100% Remy human hair with intact cuticles to hold color permanently and endure all coloring and styling options.

6. V-tip Hair Extensions

Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 28″, 30″
Hair Color (NJF COLOR RING)NATURAL BLACK, #1, #1B, #2, #4, #6, #8, #18, #22, #27, #60, #613, #1001
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

As an outstanding member of the K tip extensions family, V-tip hair extensions are made to adapt to ultrasonic installation.

What is an ultrasonic installation? Ultrasonic hair extensions are a hair extension method that uses ultrasonic waves to bond the extensions to the hair.

Unlike other K tip extensions, ultrasonic hair extensions don’t use heat. Instead, they use a specially designed tool that vibrates at a high frequency to soften the bond and connect the extension to the hair without damaging it.

The V tip can be easily folded. As it softens, it creates a secure bond with the wearer’s natural hair.


Now we are all clear about what K tip extensions are. It is simply the short form of keratin tip hair extensions. The K is short for the word keratin.

K-tip extensions are superior to many other hair extensions and are favored by most celebrity extension wearers. The lightweight and tiny bond blends perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair and hides perfectly under thin hair.

U, V, and flat-tip hair extensions are the most popular K tip hair extensions. Look through this entire collection of our premium quality Remy hair K-tip hair extensions. Undoubtedly, one or more will inspire you.

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