How Important Is Hair on a Man- Michael’s Story Has It All

The ever-rising population of the bald

How important is hair on a man? Many might have underestimated the hair magic. Statistics can’t deny the sad truth that 85% of men are partially or fully bald by age 50, and 35% of men start to show signs of male pattern baldness before turning 31. Yes, the population of the bald is ever-rising. And it’s getting younger.

A bald man facing us with his back

How Important Is Hair on a Man? Michael Has It All

How important is hair on a man? Michael Joseph was a typical young guy whose hair started to go soon after he turned 30. It freaked him out when his hairstylist first hinted at his receding hairline. He shied away from occasions that could potentially bring him opportunities. He turned down dates to avoid the scenarios in which he had to remove his cap. 

(After many dead ends, Michael tried hair replacement systems. In this video, he will show you his true experience with hair systems and review of 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair system.)

Life Transformation Is Everything

How important is hair on a man? A complete transformation testifies to everything. Michael has been wearing them ever since. Even today, he finds it hard to believe how hair replacement systems have transformed his life. He marvels at the truth that hair could have so much to do with his looks, and his looks have almost everything to do with his confidence. 

How important is hair on a man? Michael now with a hairpiece attached, in sunglasses with his girlfriend looks very confident

Hair Matters

How important is hair on a man? “Don’t be negligent and say that your look doesn’t matter,” said Michael in one of his video clips. “It does a big time. You just have no control over how other people look at you. If they look at you differently because you don’t have much hair, if that bothers you, then you just need to do something about it. You need to get your confidence back. So that you will feel good about yourself and the world around you. And it’s straightforward. A hairpiece is much much easier to use than you could ever possibly think.”

Hairpieces Transform Lives

How important is hair on a man? Michael’s testimony has told everything. From a mild, and perhaps timid amateur video blogger to this bold, outspoken content creator, he has attributed everything to his transformed looks and newly redeemed confidence. And it has everything to do with the hair systems that have benefited him ever since.

How important is hair on a man? Michael, facing the cameral, with his tow past photos of with and out a hairpiece on.

Michael’s New Love: 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair system

Michael recently fell in love with this 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair replacement system by New Times Hair. From his videos, we can clearly tell that he couldn’t help showing his hairpiece to everyone he encountered. After putting the hairpiece on this time, Michael had Cliff, his hairdresser, cut his hair. His confidence moved us as he asked his hairdresser how he felt about the hair system he was wearing and expected a positive answer. 

“It feels very soft and smooth, “said Cliff, the hairdresser. “It just feels like natural hair. It is natural hair, actually. The hairpiece is made of 100% human hair. No extra skill is required of any artistic or creative hairdresser to make a haircut. It just feels like a normal haircut.”

Michael just got a hairpiece installed, his stylist is cutting and styling his hair

Natural Hair Color With a Customized Portion of Gray Hair

The hairpiece Michael uses has the predominant color of dark brown, which matches his primary hair color. But it also has 30% grey streaks cast sporadically over the hairpiece. Michael liked it made this way. Turning 37 soon, he does have a concentration of grey hair on his chin and temples. He wants the hairpiece to look natural, and authentic, and blend perfectly well with the chin and beard. This 0.03mm skin-based hair system by New Times Hair does exactly that. With our own factory only a few miles away and a well-integrated team, we can tailor-make anything with any proportion of mixed colors required by clients. 

The hairpiece blend perfectly well with the chin and beard

Matches Well With the Temples and Chin

How important is hair on a man? Well, it’s a fact that Michael can’t go about his daily life without wearing a hair system. Michael also likes the hair system’s 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base. When he was asked to describe his feelings about the 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base, he started to enthuse immediately. “It just feels soft, light, and very breathable. It feels fantastic on the scalp. I can’t even feel I’m wearing it. I like the rubbery feel it gives me. You can go swimming, diving, skydiving, riding a motorbike, etc., all extreme sports, you name it, just do it. The hairpiece doesn’t go anywhere.”

Michael and his girlfriend by a lake

The Solid and Sturdy Grip on the Scalp

The last time we asked him about the quality of the hair system’s ultra-thin base, he said that by the time we asked him, he had been wearing the hairpiece for almost two weeks without any touch-ups. He did all sorts of sports he favored, and the wig remained super-tight on his scalp and didn’t go anywhere. 

How important is hair on a man? Michael is explaining it, facing the camera, saying that his hairpiece is very clingy.

Do Any Extreme Sports With this 0.03mm on

How important is hair on a man? As per Michael’s statement, this 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair system by New Times Hair is on par with all top-quality hair systems he’s ever worn. Besides the quality, he was very impressed by New Time Hair’s quick and clear communication and fast shipping service. New Times Hair’s factory is only a few miles from the head office. Everything can occur in a couple of hours with no middlemen involved, from inquiries and registrations to orders. 

Life-Changing Moment!

Once was docile and timid, and now bold and courageous. Does Michael’s story inspire you? If you’re starting to feel that a hairpiece can give you your desired look (it does), it’s time to get yourself one. You will soon marvel at how much a hair system can transform your life. You won’t believe how good you could feel about yourself and the world around you. Let Michael show you through.

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  1. New Times Hair

    Hi, dear. We recommend don’t wear this constantly for 2 weeks. Buy a lace base wig or take off the wig before go to bed to rest your scalp.

  2. larry birrell

    your haircut is good but you wear your frontal hairline way too high.
    which makes it look odd to me. But it is in the eye of the beholder and
    the hair look good.

  3. What about scalp breathability & cleanliness issue for when you wear this constantly for 2 weeks?

  4. These things have never been perfected and still look like road kill on your head. The technology seems to still be stuck in the same place it has been for the last 50 years. For some reason, the manufacturers just don’t get it.

  5. His barber had no idea how to cut a system and blend the sides. Also the front was way too high on there left side of his head. Don’t use video of a guy like this Because it won’t convince non hair wearers to get a system.

  6. Karen Wilkins

    What type of glue did you use as I have bought a wig but worried about the ghost glue on my sensitive bald scalp

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