Full Lace Hair System Daily Maintenance Tutorial

The lifespan of a hair system is strongly associated with how well it is taken care of through the course of use, aside from things such as base material, hair type, hair knotting. When used properly, along with regular and correct ways of maintenance, there should not exist any problems that can keep your customers from using their hair systems produced by New Times Hair to the fullest! In spite of that, achieving that goal may not seem as easy and inspiring as it sounds given there is a lot for the wearers, especially those who have just started wearing hair systems, to familiarize themselves with before actually making their hair systems part of the life!

As our brand ambassador for quite a while, Dan is passionate about offering the hair system wearers out there all sorts of valuable assistance that can have positive impacts on their lives together with New Times Hair! That is why, in the hope of helping more hair system wearers with the right use of their hair systems, he unreservedly filmed a very instructive and practical video tutorial, in which he will thoroughly shed light on the way he goes with his HS7 full lace hair toupee in his daily life, that allows him to get the very most out of the hair system.

Below is the Full Lace Toupee Daily Maintenance Tutorial filmed by Dan in the form of a Vlog:

As a salon owner himself having his own hair system business, Dan is a very experienced hair system wearer who has accumulated tons of valuable tips for hair system use as well as maintenance. Before becoming a hair system wearer, Dan once resorted to a very common and effective hair loss solution called “Scalp Micropigmentation” to combat his hair loss issue. Later, he found out that compared with Scalp Micropigmentation, hair system products are a more favorable hair loss solution allowing him more freedom and versatility in a number of ways.

In the video below, Dan shares his deep insight into why hair systems turn out to be the most outstanding way of dealing with hair loss as well as his prospect on how each of us can make a difference in the hair system world with our presence, in the effort of letting hair systems reach more and more people struggling with hair loss, to help them live better lives!

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