Have you ever had problems with clients in the past who have experienced color fading after they have been using their hair systems? This blog will address the issue of hair color fading. However, before we examine the causes of hair fading, we first need to understand how we dye hair to make our hair replacement systems.

Generally speaking, most of the hair we buy for our hairpieces is of a dark color. There may be some lighter-colored European hair but most of the Chinese and Indian hair is dark, similar to a natural black color. In order to get the exact color requested by clients, we will first bleach the raw hair to a color that is about two shades lighter than the color of the hair sample. Then, we will dye the hair to the requested hair color.


It is important to remember that hair is made up of fibers and its molecules have amino bonds. So, when dyeing hair, acid dye must be used in an acidic environment because the acidic groups in acid dye can be combined with the amino group of the hair. After combining the dye molecules are attached to the hair. Finally, we will use fixing agents to fix the color in the hair and help prevent fading.


Now you know something about the hair dyeing process and which types of dye are used, let’s take a look at why hair fading happens and how clients can avoid their hair fading when using their hair system on a daily basis. There are four main factors that cause hair to fade easily:


  1. Exposing Hairpieces To Sunlight For Extended Periods Of Time

Exposure to sunlight or chlorine for long periods of time can cause the dye molecules in your hair to break down into smaller molecules and become less stable. These can then be easily washed away from the hair resulting in faded hair colors. So, please remind your clients not to spend too long in direct sunlight when they wear their hairpieces otherwise the hair color will soon fade.


  1. Incorrect Shampoo And Styling Products

Some shampoos or styling products contain molecules that dissolve the dye, causing it to fall out faster from the hair. You know that when we dye the hair, we use acid dyes in an acidic environment. If clients regularly use alkaline shampoo, the binding force between the dyes and proteins is destroyed, then the dyes is easily removed and the hair color will fade. So it is very important to make sure your clients use less alkaline shampoos and more appropriate shampoos that are specific to dyed hair.



  1. Drying Or Styling Hairpieces At A High Temperature Or Putting Their Hairpieces In Hot Water For A Long Time When Washing Them

High temperatures can also destroy dyes and fixatives in a hairpiece. So please ask your clients to wash their hairpieces in cold or warm water but not hot water, and avoid blow-drying at high temperatures.


  1. Dark Hair Fades More Than Light Hair

This is because dark hair needs more dye than light hair during the dyeing process. For example, light hair may only need about 2g of hair dye for each kilogram of hair, but dark hair needs about 15g of hair dye. More dye causes dark hair to fade more.



So, now you must be wondering what to do if the hair color has faded. Here are some solutions that may be helpful for you:

  1. Regularly go to a hair salon to have the hairpiece dyed
  2. Dye your clients’ own hair if they don’t want to make the hair quality of their hair systems to suffer any damage
  3. Use antioxidant shampoo to wash the hairpiece once the hair has started to fade slightly (to create a redox reaction)



As a professional hair replacement manufacturer, we have a huge variety of human hair colors for customers to choose from. Below are two of our color rings for men and women. Please kindly check these links to see a more accurate reflection of the colors:



There are 104 colors for men and 28 colors for women which will more than likely meet the needs of your clients. We can also make colors according to the hair samples of your customers. Our factory has professional dyeing technicians who can not only dye hair the color you see on our color rings but also make colors that are very durable and will not fade easily. As long as your clients pay attention to the advice offered in this blog, the original hair color will remain intact. For more details about colors and dyeing for hair replacement systems, please contact us by email:


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