What Causes Tangling on Hair Systems and How to Solve It

After frequent wear, hair systems can become tangled which can cause frustration. Have you ever received this complaint from your customer? It is actually very common. In this blog, we will explain what causes this problem and how best to solve it.

There are four main reasons that the hair on systems becomes tangled. Let’s discuss them one by one to best understand this problem:

1. Not Fully Cleaned

The most common cause of tangled hair is that the hair system isn’t cleaned thoroughly enough after some hair products have been used on it. When tangled pieces are returned to us from our customers, we tend to find that there is some sticky hair spray or wax left on the hair. These products can lead to big knots and result in tangling.

So, what’s the solution?

  • First, you will need baking soda. Mix it with water. Place the hairpiece into this solution, the soda will dissolve products such as hairspray and eliminate the knots. You can also use a tail comb to pick the knots.
  • Then, wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.
  • After you have washed the hair system, use a towel to wrap the whole piece and absorb the excess water.
  • Finally, place the system on a stand and air-dry it.

Once the hair system has dried, you will notice that the hair has a smooth texture. The hair is not damaged at all.

2. Hairpiece with Small Curls Not Properly Maintained

Hairpieces with small curls are prone to tangling if the system is not properly cared for. For example, your clients may comb curly hair with a fine-tooth comb or rub the hair back and forth whilst washing it. We suggest that you recommend to clients that they must soak the piece for prolonged periods of time otherwise the hair is very easy to dry and tangle. Styling hair with a hairdryer can also lead to dry hair that tangles, so we highly recommend air drying hair systems as often as possible. Typically, this situation tends to only occur after the piece has been worn for about three months or more.

So, what is the correct way to care for hair systems with tight curls?

  • First, use a hair conditioner to wash the piece. Gently comb the hair from roots to tips with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Then, was the system with shampoo. Do not rub it in.
  • Remember to soak the hair system every time you wash it with a hair conditioner until the unit is thoroughly soaked.
  • After the system has been soaked, clean it.
  • Wrap the whole piece in a towel to absorb the excess water.
  • Finally, hang the hairpiece up to dry.

You will find that the hair becomes very smooth again and will remain curly after it has dried.

Sometimes, hair tangles because of production problems in the factory.

3. Lack of Enough Acid Treatment

One possible problem that could occur is a lack of sufficient acid treatment. This can occur on both Remy and non-Remy hair, but most commonly occurs with Remy’s hair. The cuticles on Remy hair roots and return hair must be completely removed through acid treatment, but the cuticles on the tips of the hair must be kept intact. However, rarely a technician may mistakenly ventilate the hair by the tips instead of by the roots. This can very easily lead to tangled hair. This typically happens after one month’s use when the production oil on the hair system has washed off. 

If the hair system hasn’t had sufficient acid treatment, your customers will find that the hair on the base shrinks as soon as the system is placed in water. However, the hair quality is still good and has a distinct shine. In this case, the hair system just needs to be processed slightly (the cuticles need to be removed) and the piece can be used normally again.

Tips: Some of our customers actually use toilet cleaner (which is a kind of acid) to soak the hairpiece, and it works! (Please Note: This is just what some individuals do. If you have done this too, then just be careful!)

4. Over-Processing While Manufacturing

Another potential problem is over-processing. The hair can become completely damaged, matted, and very dry. The hair will break easily when you pull it. This may start to happen after clients have used the hair system for around a month. In this case, there is no other option but to buy a new hair system.

Tips: If your clients are finding it difficult to fully clean the hair system with shampoo after they have been wearing the system for a long time, try using very diluted 84 Disinfectant to wash the system. They may find that this works well.

We hope that this article is of great use for your clients and will enable them to maintain their hair replacement systems properly. If you have any further questions regarding hair tangling, feel free to get in touch with us at info@newtimeshair.com.

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