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How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

How to hide extensions in very short hair. This is one of the most common issues faced by millions of clients. 

If your client has short hair and is unhappy with how hair extensions work on her scalp, this post is for her. 

Treat this post as an ultimate guide that answers your client’s worries and concerns and explains why sometimes hair extensions don’t blend well with our natural hair strands.

Get Familiar With the Most Popular Short Hairstyles

How do you hide extensions in very short hair, to be exact? 

When talking about short hair, we mainly mean short hairstyles, such as bob, shag, wedge, feathered, or even pixie cuts and pixie crops that are very short. 

For hair lengths typically up to shoulder length, there’s usually no problem with hiding hair extensions with natural hair or natural hair with hair extensions. 

Here are some popular methods for hiding extensions in short hair, such as in pixie cuts or crops. 

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

How to hide extensions in very short hair. This is a point prepared in particular for pixie cuts. Pixie cuts are typically the shortest hairstyle for women.

However, for hair extensions to be possible with pixie hairstyles, the hair has to be no less than 0.5-1 inch (certainly, this length can only accommodate extensions of similar length).

Enough Length to Hide Tracks and Bonds

How to hide extensions in very short hair? No matter how short the wearer’s natural hair is, it should be abundant to cover the bonds and tracks. 

The ultimate idea of wearing hair extensions is to have either volume or length or both, and at least the back of the head should be fully covered. 

It is okay to have pixie cuts, but the back of the head should not be a fade, or it’d be impossible to hide tracks or bonds.

Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions are much better to use on very short hair than clip-ins and halos, which create a solid grip on the wearer’s natural hair and allow them to be styled with the wearer’s natural hair without slipping off during styling.

Some of the most popular professional permanent hair extensions are tape-in hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, weft hair extensions, etc.

A comparion between a lady wearing and without wearing Genius weft extensions

The Use of Invisible Wefts/Bonds

How to hide extensions in very short hair? The greatest care is always about how to hide the weft and bonds.

The best outcome is to have the bonds mix with the wearer’s natural hair seamlessly so that it gets melted into the natural hair, and no one can tell which is which.

Genius Weft hair extensions at New Times Hair is lighter, thinner, tangle-free, and can be cut to smaller sizes without fraying; it is one of the most invisible hair extensions for short hairstyles like pixie.

Injected Tape-in Hair Extensions also provide a seamless experience for your clients with very short hair. Unlike ordinary hair extensions, injected tape in hair extensions have all hair injected in the front side, creating an illusion that the hair is growing from the wearer’s natural scalp.

When put on, they lie flat to the head, they are easily hidden in fine or thin hair, and no bonds or weft can be seen.

The Use of Smaller Bonds

How to hide extensions in very short hair: Try smaller bonds can be used for Pixie haircuts.

As the call of common sense, the smaller the bond is, the easier it is to hide them, and they’re less likely to poke out.

How to hide extensions in very short hair - use of smaller strands

How to hide extensions in very short hair: Mini-tape must be mentioned when you style a client’s hair or try to hide extensions in very short hair. 

They can be cut to smaller sizes, stuck to the client’s natural hair single-sided, and remain hardly detectable.  

The mini tape-in hair extensions allow your client’s hair to move more freely; the hair can be parted more freely, the covering layer of natural hair gets flipped open, and the tapes underneath remain undetected.

The Nano Ring Hair Extensions are a smaller version of the micro ring or cold fusion hair extensions.

The nano ring hair extension method is a great alternative to hide extensions in very short hair.

They are installed strand by strand with tiny little beads, making connections seamless and undetectable.

The diameter of an individual nano ring is only around 3mm, least likely to poke out, and can hide quite well under the top layer of the wearer’s natural hair.

Styling Together with the Natural Hair

How to hide extensions in very short hair: Styling is necessary for your client’s natural hair to keep the strands aligned and livelier. When getting your client’s short hair straightened or curled, remember to put on the hair extensions first and then style the full head of hair altogether. 

Section the client’s hair into small parts and use the curling iron to make curls individually. It is OK to curl the hair extension and the natural hair together. 

Body waves and straight hairstyles can both be done using the same technique. 

Make the Strands Shorter

How to hide extensions in very short hair: If your client’s natural hair is extremely short and the lengths of the hair extensions and their natural hair differ significantly, it’ll be hard to mix them well; the hair extensions may flow smoothly down the back, while the short pokes out, rendering a porcupine head.

The ideal process is putting on the hair extensions, combing them, and detangling knots if necessary. Cut the longer part of the extensions to ensure that the finished hair strands look natural. 

Blend the hair, as all the strands should be the same length now. 

Braiding or Twisting

This is one of the most effective ways to hide extensions in very short hair. You can first insert hair strands of extensions between the client’s natural hair layers. 

Braid or twist out the natural hair and hair extensions to pin the weave properly on the client’s scalp.

This method is safe for your client’s scalp as well as offers a natural cover over the client’s hairlines or the bonds of extensions. 

Choosing the Right Color

This is just common sense that most people can perceive. How to hide short hair with extensions? Indeed, the extensions and your client’s natural hair should ideally share the same hair color. 

You should consider the color of the hair extensions carefully and choose a shade that’s ideally identical to your client’s natural hair color. 

If your client is into ombre styles and has short dark hair, choose hair extensions with the same color at the roots and a lighter hue at the ends of the hair. 

A before-and-after photo of a lady with and without a halo hair extension on

Always Put the Best Types of Hair Extensions on Very Short Hair

Again, how to hide extensions in very short hair? When talking about very short hair, we don’t mean someone’s hair that’s shoulder length, shorter than someone else’s bottom length braids; we mean hair so short that hair extensions can hardly be installed.

It’s common sense that hair extensions extend the length of the existing hair; they will mean nothing if the person has no hair.  

A person can hardly wear hair extensions with hair shorter than half an inch. The shortest and acceptable length to hide or mix hair extensions is 3 inches. The hair extensions must be cut to a shorter length to combine with the person’s natural hair. 

When deciding on how to use hair extensions in very short hair, the key ideas are: the hair extension bonds need to be as minimal as possible; the color of hair extensions had better be the same as the wearer’s natural hair color; the length of hair extensions shouldn’t be overly long that’s out of proportion to the person’s natural hair.

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