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Why Is My New Skin Hair System Shedding? Understanding the Causes and Preventative Measures

Every now and then, we receive complaints from our clients who wear poly skin hair systems that, after only a couple of washes, the hair system goes into full shedding mode. What’s the deal? What’s the cause of skin hair system shedding? Are these hair systems just not up to snuff in terms of quality?

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Well, if shedding didn’t rear its head the day of your purchase, but after a few washes, chances are it’s due to less-than-stellar washing or maintenance routines, particularly with hair systems crafted through knotless ventilation techniques. Continue reading our post to discover the possible reasons behind new skin hair system shedding.

Conditioners, Leav-ins, and Skin Hair System Shedding

Hair conditioners, leave-ins, or any oil-type hair products can make the hair moist and nourished, retaining a healthy look in the hair system. But when we apply them to the base, they can lead to hair shedding of the system, especially skin hair systems.

Remember? Hair isn’t knotted to the base of skin hair systems but v-looped or injected into it. Most conditioners are slippery. Applying them to the base will let them seep through the pores, making the hair roots slippery. A slight tug will get the hair out; you never want that with skin hair systems.

To use them on skin hair systems, avoid applying them directly to the base and keep them away from the roots.

Hair conditioners used for the prevention of skin hair system shedding

Washing With Hot Water Aggravates Skin Hair System Shedding

As we all know, hot water will damage the hair strands and cause hair to become more brittle and dry in the long run. Besides, washing the hair system using hot water will also make hair easier to remove from the base.

Most of us are familiar with the law of expansion and contraction. In a hot environment, matter or objects may expand in volume; when cold, it may shrink a little. Most skin hair systems have their hair injected or v-looped to the base without knots, known as the knotless ventilating technique.

Hot water will cause the pores to expand, and the hair may easily loosen up or fall out.

Ultimately, stick with lukewarm water when washing skin hair systems. If a nice and warm shower is a must, ensure the water temperature doesn’t exceed 30 Celsius.

Brushing the Hair System too Hard When Wet Leads to Hair System Shedding

Water may also cause the toupee hair to loosen up its pores. The pores expand when the skin hair system is soaking wet, and hair may get effortlessly pulled out. So avoid brushing the hair system (especially the v-looped skin hair system) too hard when wet.

Pulling the Hair Too Hard Results in Skin Hair System Shedding

Remind your clients to handle their hair gently. This means avoiding excessive pulling, scratching, aggressive combing, or brushing. Invest in silk or satin pillowcases to minimize friction while sleeping. Please encourage them to wear a sleeping cap to prevent tangling and matting. Always emphasize the importance of gentle hair care.

Pulling the hair too hard, causing skin hair system shedding

How Do I Wash Skin Hair Systems Correctly to Avoid Shedding?

As previously mentioned, washing the hair system at least once a week is an ideal frequency. The primary culprits behind a new skin hair system shedding are using the wrong shampoos and washing techniques.

1.     What Shampoo or Conditioner to Use to Avoid Skin Hair System Shedding?

It is always recommended to use shampoos and conditioners specifically tailored or compatible with hair systems. However, as per most customer feedback, it is perfectly acceptable to use regular shampoos and conditioners. Nevertheless, ensure the regular shampoo or conditioner you or your client use is sulfate and paraben-free.

2.     Correct Hair Washing Techniques to Avoid Skin Hair System Shedding

The same techniques apply whether you or your client washes a hair system with it on or off. Avoid combing the hair while wet, but it’s acceptable to do so gently while it is still soapy. After washing, make sure to rinse off the shampoo or conditioner thoroughly. Gently wring the water out of the hair and pat it dry with a towel. For more detailed guidance, watch the video below.


New skin hair system shedding can be attributed to various factors, including washing it with hot water, conditioner applied to the base, rough brushing when hair is wet, etc. You can implement solutions and maintenance tips we shared with you to maintain a natural look and avoid skin hair system shedding. If you want to repair a hair system that has shedding problems, visit our repair page or contact us directly.

What If I Received A Faulty Product?

While the odds are slim, there’s still a chance you or your client might receive a subpar hair system. In such cases, the product should be returned or exchanged. New Times Hair offers a 30-day return policy. Please check the product as the first thing you do when receiving it.

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