3 Best Hair Systems With a Unique Front Hairline

Ever cared much about hair system hairlines? When helping your client choose an ideal hair system, what would the client care about the most? The hairline, isn’t it?

No one wants others to know that the full head of lush hair on his head isn’t his own. Without a life-like hair system hairline, it defies the whole point of wearing a hair system.

Besides the hair system hairline, comfort, breathability, maintenance, and durability are also important aspects of a good hair system.

With these aspects in mind, we selected three of our best-selling hair systems: HS15+, HS1V, and  DURO INS, and highlighted the best features of each hairpiece and how they cater to various client preferences. The key point is that each of them has a unique hair system hairline. Understanding them will help you better serve and care for your clients’ needs.

Three Best-Selling Human Hair Systems With Unique Hair System Hairlines by Newtimes Hair

A glimpse of our three best-selling human hair systems:

1. HS1V 0.06mm Super Thin Skin Hair System

HS1V Hair System is a premium, full thin-skin v-loop hair system that most salons and end users can afford. That’s a reason why so many people like it. The front hair system hairline achieves a natural look for the client.

hs1v-thin-skin-hair-system with a straight hair system hairline

V-Looped Hair for Realistic-Looking Hair System Hairline

The base is a piece of 0.06 mm transparent poly skin with 100% premium human hair v-looped to it, giving your client a knotless, realistic-looking hair system hairline. This creates the illusion that the hair is growing out of the wearer’s own scalp.

⚡Thin Skin All Over – Beginner Friendly

The PU base is easy to attach and clean and has low maintenance, making it super friendly to new wearers.

⚡Comfort and Longevity

  • Comfort: A 0.06 mm skin base is the perfect thickness for a soft touch and clingy attachment. Overall, this skin hair system is comfortable to wear. The wearer can swim or exercise with it on, and the hair system hairline will not lift.
  • Longevity: This is a high-quality skin hair system with premium human hair. It will generally last 2-3 months. Before its due date, the client must return to your salon for a touchup or reattachment every one or two weeks.

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2. HS15+ Lace Front Hairpiece With 0.08 mm Skin Base

This HS15+ is practically crafted for lace front fanatics. As a wholesale hair distributor or a salon owner, you shall never omit the benefits lace fronts can bring you.

Many of your potential clients may feel intimidated by the seemingly astronomical prices (at least it is expensive to them) associated with lace hair systems. To them, a realistic, natural-looking, and invisible hairline is everything they hunger for. For this reason, lace front hairpieces are created.

hs15-thin-skin-hair-system-new-times-hair with bleached knots for a natural-looking hair system hairline

Enhanced Realistic Hairline

The front of this hairline use Swiss lace, it’s all most transparent, and looks absolutely invisible on skin. It gives your client the most realistic, natural-looking, and unbeatable hairline ever, hence its nickname, the HD lace. 100% premium human hair is knotted to the lace front with knots bleached to give it a knotless effect that no one can tell this is a hairpiece wearer.

Poly Skin for Easy Attachment and Maintenance

Apart from the HD lace front, the rest of the base is a piece of 0.08 mm PU skin; easy to attch and maintain, ideally crafted for new wearers.

Affordable and With a Touch of Lace

Remember, this is not a full-lace hair system. It is very budget-friendly. It’s around the price of a top-quality skin hair system, though it offers a super natural-looking hairline, more real than what most lace hairpieces can offer.

Comfort and Longevity

  • Comfort: The lace front gives your client a comfortable and breathable front. The rest of the base is 0.08 mm PU skin, covering most of the scalp area and offering the same level of comfort as HS1.
  • Longevity: The HS15+ lace front hair system will last around 2–3 months. In between, your client may need to return to your salon for a weekly or biweekly touchup or reattachment.

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3. DURO INS Injected Skin Hair System

DURO INS boasts a skin base with 100% premium injected human hair for a great lift. It’s not commonly seen on the market but is highly efficient and durable. The base is 0.1 mm PU skin spread over the underside of the gauze base. When attached, it melds into the scalp and stays undetected. The scallop-shaped front ensures a natural-looking hair system hairline. 100% premium human hair is injected into the skin layer, giving it a natural lift and allowing it to be styled freely. Plus, there’s no return hair showing.

duro-ins-hair-system-new-times-hair: a scallop-shaped hair system hairline for ultimate naturalness

Scallop Front Hairline

When looking at people’s hairlines, you’ll notice that most people’s hairlines are not straight, and that’s why a perfectly straight hairline may spoil a desired natural look and give your client away as a hairpiece wearer.

To tackle the problem, DURO INS has its hair system hairline crafted in the shape of a scallop shell. The scallop front hairline is arranged randomly and not in a straight line. It is a unique way to achieve a super realistic and natural-looking hairline for your clients.

Extended Lifespan

The DURO INS skin with gauze toupee is durable, thanks to its double-layered base of skin and gauze. The average lifespan is 3–4 months. Yet, like most hair systems, your client may need to return to you fortnightly for a touchup or reattachment.

⚡Comfort and Longevity

  • Comfort: The base is soft and porous. But the double-layered base, especially with the 0.1 mm skin layer, is a little heavier than the average skin base.
  • Longevity: The DURO INS skin with gauze toupee is durable, thanks to its double-layered base of skin and gauze. The average lifespan is 3–4 months. Yet, like most hair systems, your client may need to return to you fortnightly for a touchup or reattachment.

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Overall, HS1 is a top-quality skin hair system. Many clients love it for its natural and knotless look. DURO INS, which beats the other two in terms of pricing and ideally suits clients who prioritize durability. The HS15+ hair system, with a lace front, is affordable and boasts a super realistic hair system hairline; many wearers love it.

By now, you’re familiar with three of our top-selling human hair systems. Each is uniquely designed and crafted to achieve a realistic look and comfort.

Introduce these best selling hair systems to the appropriate wearers and expect to see them become your returning customers in no time.

What’s your favorite hair system from New Times Hair? Leave us a comment below!

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