What is a Full Cap Hair System for Men?

What is a full-cap hair system?

Full-cap hair systems, also known as full-cap wigs, as the name suggests, are hair wigs for men designed to cover the wearer’s whole head. 


Differences Between Normal and Full-Cap Hair Systems 

Most commonly used hair systems, such as hairpieces, toupees, weaves, etc., are partial hair systems. They are mainly used for wearers who are partially bald, which means the wearer still has some natural hair on their scalp. The hair system will mix with the remaining natural hair to form a full-head-of-hair look, so no one can tell the wearer is wearing a toupee or hairpiece. 

Full-cap hair systems are used to cover the wearer’s entire scalp. In other words, the wearer barely has any hair or has absolutely no hair remaining on their scalp. Once put on, the hair on the full-cap hair system will cover up his entire scalp and will be all the hair he has.

Full-Cap Hair System Size

A full-cap hair system size is usually 10″ x 10″ to 180 square inches, significantly more extensive than most partial hair systems. 

Full-cap hair systems are mainly used for men who are absolutely bald or barely have any hair on their scalp due to excessive hair loss caused by genetic issues or chemotherapy. 

A full-cap hair system is also known by several names, such as a full-cap hair wig for men, a men’s full-cap hair piece, or a full-cap wig. 

How to Take Measurements

Measuring the head size for a full-cap hair system is slightly different from measuring for a partial one. We need to get seven results when measuring a full-cap hair system.

  1.  The head circumference: Position the tape measure. Let its edge follow the hairline around the head and the entire width of the nape. 
  2. From the front hairline to the nape: Measure from the center of the front hairline, straight back over the crown, to the center of the nape. 
  3. Ear to ear across the front hairline: At the front of one ear, measure from the base of one sideburn up across the hairline along the forehead to the same point in front of the other ear. 
  4. Temple to the temple over the top of the head: Measure from the bottom of one sideburn to the same point on the other side. 
  5. From one ear to the other across the crown of the head: Measure from the hairline directly above one ear across the crown to the hairline right above the other ear. 
  6. Point to Point: From one temple to the other, across the back of the head. 
  7. Width of the nape: Measure the width of the hairline across the nape of the neck.

Different Types of Full Cap Hair System

Like many other standard hair systems, full-cap hair systems or full-hair wigs for men also have different bases. Different bases, in general, are installed differently. Here’s how.

Glue or Tape-on Full-Cap Hair Systems

A full-cap hair system or a men’s full-cap hair piece is usually glued or taped to the scalp. 

Shave the scalp area where the full-cap hair system will be applied. Clean and sterilize the shaven area, then brush glue or adhesive to the surface of the area, or stick double-sided tape to the base, and then stick the full-cap hair system on.

However, lace or mono-base full-cap hair systems or hair wigs for men are mainly taped on. Because they have holes through the base, adhesive or glue may seep through and cause hair to become tufted around the roots.

NJC1963 Human Hair Thin Skin Wig

NJC1963 Human Hair Thin Skin Wig, brought to you by New Times Hair, is a typical skin-base full-cap hair system. The entire base is made of 0.08 mm thin skin, allowing it to join seamlessly with the wearer’s natural scalp. 

This is a custom-made order. The hair can be customized with small curls or waves; its other details, such as the size, shape, color, density, etc., can all be customized to suit the client perfectly. 

NW4127 Men’s Full French Lace Wig 

NW4127 Men’s Full French Lace Wig is another excellent tape-on full-cap hair system. It is also a custom-made order. The base is French lace with a fine Swiss lace front for ideal breathability, and it is easily taped to the scalp for a solid hold, and the hairpiece doesn’t go anywhere.

At New Times Hair, all our products are made of 100% human hair. The hair is knotted to the base for a sturdy grip. The knots are well bleached for the base and hair to melt and mix perfectly with the wearer’s natural scalp and hair.

When Swiss lace gets worn out, it can be replaced with a new one, and the French lace will continue for an extended lifespan.

NW2137 Custom Monofilament Hair Wig

NW2137 Custom Monofilament Hair Piece For Men With Lace Front can be called a perfect full-cap hair system by New Time Hair. It meets all the excellent criteria required of a top-notch full-cap hair system in terms of stability, solidity, durability, and authentic look.

Mono bases are the most durable hair system bases worldwide. However, they must be combined with other base materials to keep their edges from fraying. 

For this reason, it has a lace front for the most realistic-looking hairline and a PU perimeter for easy cleaning. The hair wig gets installed on the wearer’s scalp with tape on the underside of the lace front, while the perimeter can be glued to the sides of the head.  

NJC1861 French Lace Wig

The NJC1861 French Lace Wig has a French lace base and a super-thin skin perimeter around the edges. 

French lace is the most real-looking material for hair systems; it can melt perfectly with the wearer’s natural scalp and, in all aspects, resembles the real natural scalp. 

Glue, adhesive, or tape can be applied around the PU perimeter. That’s all we need for the hairpiece to be installed on the wearer’s scalp. Plus, PU skin is the easiest to clean; it has a smooth surface, and glue or tape residue can be easily wiped or rinsed off.

NW4127 Full French Lace Hair Wig for Men 

NW4127 Full French Lace Hair Wig for Men has an entire lace base for the most natural and authentic look and maximized breathability; ideal for people living or vacationing in tropical areas, it is easily applied using double-sided tape.

NJC1042 Wholesale African American Male Wig 

New Times Hair NJC1042 Wholesale African American Male Wig is a customizable skin-base full-cap hair system. 

It has an ultra-thin 0.6mm clear skin base; once glued or taped on, it will melt seamlessly into the wearer’s natural scalp, presenting a most realistic look.

The uniqueness of this unit is that it has African kinks. The hair used for this full-cap hair system is 100% Chinese, the sturdiest and most heat-resistant hair on the planet, and can be permed or coiled into numerous styles available out there. 

Clip-on Full-Cap Hair Systems

Clip-on full-cap hair systems, as their name suggests, have clips on them to be clipped to the wearer’s remaining natural hair. 

As most full-cap hair system wearers are either fully bald or barely have any hair remaining, clips can hardly keep the hair wig on the head. 

The NW1544 Custom Men’s Monofilament Wig With Clips

The NW1544 Custom Men’s Monofilament Wig With Clips, brought to you by New Times Hair, is an intelligently designed clip-on full-cap hair system.

Clips are used with tape or glue as stabilizers. The front up to the crown gets glued or taped to the scalp, and the back and sides are clipped to the remaining hair to keep it stable.

If the wearer still has enough natural hair, they can apply it purely with clips. And the position of the clips is customizable; the clips can be installed at the best spots for a firm hold. 

Full-Cap Hair Systems With Silicone Strips on the Base

Full-cap hair systems with silicone strips on the base are another type of glueless hair system. 

Similar to clip-on hair systems, hair systems with silicone strips or a layer of silicone material spread across the whole underside of the base are simply put on the wearer’s shaven scalp. Thanks to friction, the hair system will stay.

The NL031 Men’s Full-Cap Hair System With Anti-slip 

The NL031 Men’s Full-Cap Hair System With Anti-slip is also a custom-ordered unit recently developed by New Times Hair. It is for the convenience of our clients after a full-cap wig without needing much tape or glue. 

The anti-slip silicone back, sides, and top, combined with the elastic net from the middle running all the way back, allows the wig to sit still on the head with or without a little bit of tape or glue.

The super fine welded lace front from temple to temple is bleached perfectly to present a natural and realistic-looking hairline. 

The NL638 Custom Male Wig Anti-Slip Silicone Skin Grey Hair Wigs

The NL638 Custom Male Wig Anti-Slip Silicone Skin Grey Hair Wig also has anti-slip silicone on the underside of the base. New Times Hair has recently developed this model specifically for a customer based in Chicago. 

Something unique about this unit is that it has grey hair. It is specifically designated for the elderly population. 

The net in the middle of the base is elastic, allowing the system to be adjusted. Again, thanks to the silicone, the wig sits on the wearer’s head stably with or without a tiny bit of glue or tape. 

Plus, the elderly, in general, are balder than others. Without violent body movement, the hair systems on their scalp are less likely to come off. 

Final Thoughts

Now we all have a clear understanding of what a full-cap hair system is. In simple terms, a full-cap hair system, as its name suggests, is a hair system or toupee developed to cover the whole head. 

Like other partial hair systems, most full-cap hair systems are tape-on and glue-on. Clip-on systems are generally used in combination with other attaching techniques. Glueless full-cap hair systems, such as those with silicone strips on the underside, are pretty standard and ideal for wearers who do not want heaps of glue or tape to attach them.

Sourcing the Latest Full-Cap Hair Systems at New Times Hair

New Times Hair has been in the hair system industry for over a decade. We have over 2000 clients from over 200 countries. 

All the hair we use to make our hair systems is 100% human hair. We have worked out a whole new supply chain to keep every step of production under close control, keeping costs to a minimum while retaining top quality.

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