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    Full Cap Wigs for Men


Men's hair toupees are incredibly popular because of their realism, a full cap wig is also a great system for men who need hair all over the cap. Do you know what wig cap should be used for specific men? Are you wondering how to pick the most suitable wig for men? Let us show you:     


Full Lace Wigs






  • A full lace wig is an incredibly easy, convenient and stylish base design. There are two types of lace; French and Swiss but Swiss lace is too fragile to be used in a full cap wig. French lace is therefore more often used on a full cap wig. Lace is undetectable against skin and full lace allows the entire wig to be incredibly breathable and natural-looking. If your client is a fan of Swiss lace then there is an option to combine both lace types to construct a base, e.g. Swiss lace at the front and French lace for the rest of the system. If you were to construct a system in this way, the Swiss lace would be more affordable, comfortable and invisible.


  • When it comes to the knotting methods used on lace, we recommend using single split knots along the front hairline of a lace system as these knots are small and therefore undetectable. For the rest of the system, we would suggest using double split knots as these are strong and durable.


  • Here at Newtimes Hair, we understand the importance of a good, natural and realistic front hairline (especially for men)! We also understand that some men like to wear their hair in brushed back styles that show off the front hairline. If your customers prefer to wear their hair in brushed backed styles then bleached knots would be a good choice as these knots are virtually invisible. However, the hair becomes more brittle once the knots have been bleached.    



Full Skin/ Poly Wig



  •  When the base of a hair system is thin we generally refer to this as “Skin”, when the base of a hair system is thick, we generally refer to this as “Poly”. The thinner the skin is, the more natural it looks. The thinnest skin we can provide is 0.03mm. However, we do not suggest using ultra thin skin for a wig cap because it can become easily damaged. Transparent skin is a popular choice when it comes to men’s wigs as it looks just like a real scalp! We also offer the option to dye the skin to any color including light brown, medium brown and dark brown.    


  • There are three different types of ventilation methods: Knot, V-Loop and Injection     







  Lace and Poly Full Cap Wig



  • The combination of lace and skin is a very popular choice when it comes to wigs for men. We suggest opting for a lace front and center and skin at the back and sides; this ensures the system is breathable, natural looking and easy to attach and remove with either tape or glue. In turn, a skin front and lace center is also workable. Why don’t you try the V-Looped technique at the front to get an incredibly realistic hairline? Besides transparent skin, clients can also choose between thick poly, poly with gauze and poly coating which is thicker and stronger than transparent skin.     



   Mono Full Cap Wig



  • Mono is a highly durable material which makes it one of the most widely used wig manufacturing materials. However, mono bases must also consist of a poly edge because of the special characteristic of mono. Fine mono with poly all around is a very traditional and durable base design. If you have a client base that want a natural front hairline and long-lasting system then we could add a lace front/ transparent thin skin at the front of the mono base to ensure a truly undetectable look.    



    Silicon Full Cap Wig



  • Silicon consists of a thick base but the top side is white in color so it looks just like a real human scalp! Silicon bases can also withstand the injection ventilation method which gives it a really realistic top view. Injected silicon is more commonly used on women’s systems than men’s as women have longer hair that can adequately cover the thick base. You can clearly see the base is glazed but it can still be attached with tape/glue.     



    Silk Top Wig



  • A silk top (also called injected lace) is a complex ventilation method where the hair is knotted on the net and picked from silk mono knots that cannot be seen. The undetectability of a silk top wig is what makes it so popular. The silk top technique is hard to use on a full cap wig because of the curvature of the entire system. Generally, silk can only be used on the top of a system and the rest of the base can be made up of other materials such as; lace, mono, poly etc. You can combine different base materials freely.    



    How do I order Full Cap Wigs for Men?



  • Newtimes hair has an order form. You can use this to fill in your client’s order details and any special instructions they may have.


  • If you have your own order form then please sent this to us via WhatsApp or by email. Our sales team will get in contact with you if there are any details that need clarifying.


  • It is important to have the right base size to ensure the final product is precise. The best way to do this is to make a full cap wig template of your client’s scalp. You can then send this to us and we will do the full cap wig to the exact size. If you do not have a template then wig measurements will also work. The wig cap measurements you should take and instructions on how to size up a full cap wig accordingly can be found here: https://www.newtimeshair.com/how-to-order/how-to-measure/.

  • Hair color is also vitally important. If you are able to then you can cut some hair from your clients existing hair and then send this to us as a hair color sample. In this is not possible then you can choose from out color ring – we have a vast amount of colors to choose from!


  • As one of the best wholesale human hair wigs distributors, Newtimes Hair can provide you with professional suggestions and options this helping you to pick the best wig for your client! We can’t wait for you to contact us so we can work together to find your client the best full cap wig.






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