How to Carry Out a Successful Hair System Consultation

As a hair specialist, conducting a successful hair system consultation is an essential part of a satisfying hair system transformation. A hair system consultation is more than a business transaction; it’s about connecting with clients, understanding their needs, and providing confidence and support on their hair loss journey.

hair system consultation

In this comprehensive guide, We’ll uncover the crucial steps to acing a successful hair system consultation while being mindful of our client’s privacy and steering clear of sensitive issues. Let’s dive in and make every consultation a positive experience!

Understanding the Client’s Emotional Journey

Hair loss can be an emotional and sensitive topic for many. Hair specialists are all about empathizing with our clients and understanding their emotional journey. Our consultations must be filled with compassion, giving our clients the space to open up about their concerns and insecurities. By actively listening, we customize our guidance to meet their needs and help them release their emotional burden.

Creating a Private Consultation Environment

For a successful hair system consultation, privacy is critical! Many people feel vulnerable to baldness, so we must create a private and confidential environment for our clients to freely express themselves. This means having a soundproof area away from the main salon floor, designated for consultation, ensuring no one accidentally overhears your conversation. The client’s privacy must be considered and respected at all times.

Creating a Private Consultation Environment

Prioritizing Client Comfort and Trust

Building trust with our clients is paramount. We must create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that puts them at ease. Things like offering a beverage or providing comfortable seating go a long way in making them feel valued and cared for. We strengthen the client-specialist relationship by genuinely showing interest in their concerns and offering thoughtful solutions.

Assessing Individual Hair Needs

Each client’s hair loss journey is a tale of uniqueness. The one-size-fits-all approach will never work for us! To conduct a successful consultation, it is essential to thoroughly assess each client’s unique hair needs. This includes analyzing their hair type, lifestyle, preferences, hair loss extent, and budget. The more information we gather, the more equipped we are to weave personalized solutions that meet their needs.

Addressing Client Concerns with Sensitivity

During the consultation, the client may share concerns like how to maintain their hairpieces, if it has potential side effects, or what they must do to adjust to the change. Addressing concerns like these with the utmost sensitivity and honesty is crucial. By providing clients with transparent information and assuring them that their feelings are valid, we will ease their worries and strengthen their faith in our expertise.

Educating Clients about Hair System Options

An essential part of the consultation process is enlightening our clients about the array of hair system options available. Some may be new to the diverse types of hair systems, their maintenance needs, and the incredible benefits they offer. Explaining each option thoroughly ensures that our client understands what to expect from their chosen hair system and help them make informed decisions.

Demonstrating Hair Systems and Results

Helping clients visualize how a hair system looks and feels can be challenging. To address this, we should offer live demonstrations of hair systems as well as cases of other clients wearing hair systems. Whether through before and after photographs or sample hair systems, we can assist our clients in visualizing the potential outcomes. This helps them make more informed decisions and alleviates any anxieties they may have about their final look.

mens hair systems before and after new times hair
hs1 lace hair system before and after

Get the Exact Measurement of the Bald Spot

Is your client concerned about how to trim their hairpieces to a comfortable size? Sure, let’s prepare our tools: 1. a meter ruler; 2. some white eyeliner; 3. some sellotape.

  1. Remove any hairpieces and glue/tape gently.
  2. Next, take off the metal top of the meter ruler, ready for action!
  3. Now, with care, place four fingers above your eyebrows and mark the first start position of the hairpiece using the eyeliner. Moving along, place four fingers (adjusting as needed) above the top of your left ear, marking the second start position, and do the same on your right ear for the third start position.
  4. Connect the three points with a straight line to create your minor hairline, framing your fabulous style!
  5. To find the middle of your face, use the meter ruler to connect the line above your nose and mark the crossing point with tape. Ready for the final steps?
  6. Measure from the tape to the start of your back hair with the meter ruler, recording the measurement (around 22cm/8 inches for our model).
  7. Finally, tape the second and third points, measure the size between them with the meter ruler, and record it (about 17cm/6 inches for our model).

Now you’ve got the perfect fit for your hairpiece journey! Let’s embrace the beauty of individuality together!

For more details, refer to our article: Guidance on Scalp Measurement for Hairpieces.

Choose a Hair System for the Client

Congratulations! You’ve successfully finished the consultation and are ready to take the next step in getting a hair system for your client! Before anything else, revise your client’s needs to ensure a perfect match. Check hair systems currently in stock. One item in your inventory that only needs a minor trim will suit your client perfectly and costs less.

However, if a custom-made hair system is necessary, take his measurements to create a perfectly-fitting hair system for the client. Make sure your client understands that it will take some time to complete. Also, ensure he knows that regular maintenance is essential and must return to the salon to get his hairpiece washed. Remember to book a time for his first return appointment.

Schedule a Time for the Next Visit

Remember, once the client has chosen their ideal hair system, or when we have finished installing it, we schedule a convenient time for his next visit, either installation or maintenance. Always try your best to get your clients to return to your salon.


As hair specialists, we are not just technical experts but compassionate guides in our clients’ hair loss journey. We can make a meaningful impact in their lives through successful consultations, prioritizing privacy and sensitivity. By providing a private and supportive space, understanding their emotions, and offering personalized solutions, we empower our clients to embrace their hair loss with confidence and grace.

Remember, a successful consultation is not just about selling a hair system; it is about instilling hope, boosting self-esteem, and building and fostering lasting relationships with our valued clients.

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