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It may not be a normal summer for many but nevertheless, summer is now here! Do you have any plans to sell different hair replacement systems over summer? We’d love to introduce some breathable New Times Hair models to help you find the most suitable hair systems for summer for your clients.

Hair Systems For Summer



The HS7 is one of our most popular models, period and it is actually perfect for summer. It is made entirely of French lace. French lace is light, breathable, and natural-looking. This means it is comfortable to wear and ideal for people with sensitive skin.

HS7 French Lace Wig


All the knots on this stock toupee are very fine and small and they are all perfectly bleached to create an invisible knot-effect for the whole piece. There are single knots on the first 1/2'' of this hairpiece to ensure a very realistic front hairline.

The base size of this model is 8 inches wide and 10 inches in length but it can be cut down to your clients’ size.



The whole base of this stock toupee is made of Swiss lace with hand-sewn stitching for better shape and contour as well as extra durability. Swiss lace is super fine, soft, light, and breathable which all create a very natural-looking and comfortable base.

Sunny Stock Full Lace Hair Replacement


We do single knots and an irregular knotting method on the first 1/2" of this lace toupee to give the front hairline a very natural effect. All the knots on the base are perfectly bleached to create an extremely realistic and undetectable appearance (except for our two darkest hair colors: #1 and #1A).



The base design of this stock toupee is French lace in the middle, poly all around the perimeter, and 1/2” of French lace along the front hairline.

Hollywood French Lace Hair Replacement


As stated previously, French lace is soft, light, breathable and natural-looking which makes it a very common base material for hair replacement systems. The poly perimeter strengthens the base and makes it easy to attach tape and glue and it is an easy material to clean as well. We do double split knots on the middle French lace section. These knots are strong enough to provide durability to the base. Single knots (one knot per strand of hair) and an irregular knotting method with bleached knots are used on the first 1/2" of this men’s lace toupee to create a particularly natural and realistic front hairline.



The base design of this stock toupee is French lace with clear PU back and sides. As you now know, French lace is one of the most natural base materials available. It is also very light and breathable. The clear PU back and sides make it easier to apply the tape as well as make the area easier to clean. The whole piece is made using very delicate knots. Slightly bleached knots on the front and top areas create a realistic appearance for the whole piece. We again do single knots (one knot per strand hair) and an irregular knotting method on the first 1/2" of the hairpiece and bleach the knots on front 1" to give an extra natural front hairline.

Q6 Med Light Density French Lace Men's Toupee


In short, the above four models are very popular in summer because they are all breathable, soft and very natural-looking.


Here are some tips about how to care for your hair systems in summer:


Tip #1 Protect your hair from the sun

Strong sunlight in summer can cause a lot of damage to both natural hair and hair replacement systems. Although the sun can't burn your hair, the heat can make your hair look drier and duller, and also make it more brittle.

Don't forget to use protection on your hair! Wearing your favorite summer hat or scarf will protect you a lot from the sun and the wind. If your hair system has long hair, you can tie it up and keep it from getting tangled.

Hair Protection From Sun


Tip #2 Avoid too much chlorine or saltwater

Remember to apply a waterproof wig sticker for extra hold before swimming.

Although you don’t need to avoid water, precautions should be taken to prevent hair from drying out. Chlorine in swimming pools and salt in the sea can really dry out a hair replacement system if you are not careful. That said, it is really easy to avoid hair damage.

Avoid Cholrine or Saltwater


Hair can hold a lot of moisture, so if you wet your hair before going into the pool or sea and apply some conditioner your hair won’t absorb much of the salt or chemicals. Rinse your hair as soon as possible once you're done swimming and your hair will be much the better for it!


Tip #3 Proper cleaning of the hair system

Hot weather can cause sweat and oils to accumulate under your hair replacement system. If you do not care properly for the hair system or clean it thoroughly, it may cause your scalp to itch and cause an unpleasant smell.

Shampoo once or twice a week, and thoroughly remove and clean it every two to three weeks. Pay special attention to ensure you remove all adhesive residue before washing the hair system. Completely rinse and apply conditioner. You can leave the conditioner on for a few minutes if you like. For fine mono bases, we recommend using a spray-on conditioner. Rinse completely after conditioning the hair. Do not comb the hair until it is completely dry.

Cleaning of Hair System


Tip #4 Keep a backup hair system on hand

It is always helpful to keep a backup unit with you in case of an emergency.


After you have chosen the right hair system for summer and have taken on board all the tips on how to take good care of hair systems, all that’s left for your clients is to enjoy the summer!

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