How to Thin out a Hair System for Your Clients

Hair can be made into a variety of beautiful shapes, and the effect of a shape can be influenced by different factors such as hair length, color, curl, and density.

Hair density is an important factor. Hair replacement systems come in different densities and some customers prefer toupees with less hair because they think they look more natural. Some customers like a toupee with a lot of hair, but thick hair is not for everyone. Have you ever encountered clients who are dissatisfied with the medium level of hair density? Have you wondered how to make a medium density hair system into a medium-light one?

You need to thin out the hair system and reduce the hair density.

Let’s follow our hairstylist MoMo’s sophisticated techniques for some handy tips.

How do you thin out a hair system?

Watch the video below for a detailed demonstration of all the steps to better understand how it is done:

First of all, divide hair into four sections and thin out the hair in each area one at a time.


Next, thin out the hair from the inside at the back of the head. Grab the hair with your hand to check if the thickness is accurate.


Then, wet the hair and comb out the short ends in the thinned hair.


 Lastly, use a blow dryer at a moderate temperature to dry the thinned hair system.


Now you are ready to make a medium density hair system into a medium-light one.


If you don’t have time to thin out the hair, please let us know and we will customize the hair system to your requirements. As a leading hair system manufacturer in a world that is known for offering well-rounded services to its partners, New Times Hair can provide a variety of toupee services according to your needs. Simply contact your service representative to let them know your requirements and we will assist you in the most professional manner!

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