Why do you call Johnny Depp bald?

The media never shows mercy to balding celebrities. Whether pessimistic or optimistic, no truth could be easily hidden from the balding celebrities’ die-hard fans.

Today, many balding celebrities, mortal as everyone else, turn to hair transplants or toupees to sort out their receding hairlines and bald heads.

Yet, under the all-seeing eyes of the media, no famous bald people have ever managed to hide their balding celebrities’ name cards from the public.

Is Johnny Depp Balding?

The ever reclusive Hollywood hunk, Johnny Depp, never discloses much of his personal life to the public (even his fans).

But soon after celebrating his 51st birthday, his name was cruelly pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

Many fans worldwide started passing rumors like, “Is Johnny Depp balding?” “What’s made Johnny Depp bald?” “How is Johnny Depp bald?” “Why is Johnny Depp bald?” “Someone’s gotta donate Johnny Depp hair!” “I want to lend Johnny Depp hair!”…rumors are endless.

People just couldn’t help gossiping about Depp’s somehow retreating hairline. Soon the “Johnny Depp hairline” became one of the most searched hashtags on the Internet.

Why the fuss? What’s so special about the Johnny Depp hairline?

All we know is that soon after the celebration of his 51st birthday, Johnny Depp’s trademark full head of lush, black hair was replaced by male pattern baldness overnight.

But, according to some reliable sources, this wasn’t a case of rapid hair loss or premature aging. 


I do remember seeing Johnny Depp bald somewhere. 

Then why is Johnny Depp balding? What made Johnny Depp bald? Well, the answer is straightforward.

Here I might have to disappoint the tabloids to some degree.

The receding, as it seems, so-called Johnny Depp hairline hasn’t been proved to exist in real life. If you see Johnny Depp bald somewhere or somehow, It’s more likely to be just makeup.

So What made Johnny Depp bald then?

Well, the movie’s storyline had Johnny Depp bald to suit his role.

The character James Whitey Bulger in the crime movie Black Mass needed Johnny Depp bald. 

Moving back to 2015. Around that time, Johnny Depp, the Hollywood actor, three-time award winner, musician, and painter, was shooting his blockbuster Black Mass in Boston.


It was about the real-life of this south Boston gangster James Whitey Bulger. Johnny played the role well, of course. By the way, that was some great makeup, Johnny!

Yes, in the film, we see the infamous James Whitey Bulger by famous Johnny Depp bald. That’s how the Johnny Depp hairline starts to impress. 

Has anyone proved Johnny Depp Bald?

Can or has anyone around the globe ever proved Johnny Depp bald?

Sorry to disappoint the tabloids again, but the answer is a solid “no.” There’s nothing substantial to prove Johnny Depp Bald.

The only teasing factor we could feed the curious public is that Depp seems to have a penchant for hats or other coverings for the head. 


A hat to cover up or simply an artist and musician’s taste in beauty?

Prior to Johnny Depp’s most celebrated acting career, the notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow was already a seasoned guitarist and a rocker.

Yes, Johnny Depp was in music and instruments. He still is.

In early 2015, Depp formed the band Hollywood Vampires and released their self-titled debut album. Soon after, the Vampires made their live debut at The Roxy, Los Angeles, followed by two world tours in 2016. Since then, Johnny has rarely been seen without a covering on his head.


Most recently, Johnny Depp and the super rocker Jeff Beck collaborated on a new album, “18”, which draws its title from a youthful spirit and creativity the duo discovered in the recording.

Again, this time Johnny had his head covered in a dark-toned bulky workman’s cap. 


Was Depp actually covering himself up, keeping others from yelling “Johnny Depp bald!” or is it just Depp’s personal taste in beauty?

Anyway, since the Vampires gathered together, music and art have become an inseparable part of Johnny’s life.

His die-hard fans may never be fussy about the so-called Johnny Depp hairline. They may never ask, “Is Johnny Depp balding?” or “who is going to lend Johnny Depp hair?”

Whatever new feature the Hollywood dasher puts on himself will keep his die-hard fans hooked.

How about the iconic Johnny Depp Hairstyles?

Thanks to the hyped Johnny Depp Bald gossip. This frequently asked question, “is Johnny Depp balding?” did lead us to look into Johnny Depp’s hair.

Whether bald or not, one thing to be sure is that this world’s highest-paid supreme star loves playing with his hair. 

Well-known for his above-par ability to take on many unique and challenging roles, Johnny Depp just nails the character he is tasked with playing.

Gained his entry to stardom by his 1987 premiere of 21 Jump Street, a TV police series that starred him as Officer Tom Hanson; Johnny Depp has made his name for over 35 years.

Just as many of his characters have become iconic, so have many Johnny Depp hairstyles from his roles.

From numerous news videos or live footage, we sense that Depp enjoys staying in the characters he played while living his real life.

His mannerism proves that, and so do his Johnny Depp hairstyles.

From Donny Brasco’s slicked-back quiff, the loose waves of George Jung, to the most famous dreadlocks of the most infamous Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp hairstyles have gathered him just as many fans as his movies have.


This real-time character, the highest-paid supreme star of the entire filmdom, has successfully got his Johnny Depp hairstyles stamped on his name card.

Whether or not Johnny Depp is wearing a toupee, his hairstyles just look forever on-point every time, and many of his fans contrive to be like him with the help of Johnny Depp hair plan

Cool and quality toupee for balding guys to recreate Johnny Depp’s hairstyle

Johnny Depp’s Public Enemies Hairstyle


Johnny Depp played US gangster John Dillinger in another gangster movie, Public Enemies. He ultimately forwarded this classic prohibition-era hairstyle into the 21st century.

Johnny Depp played US gangster John Dillinger in another gangster movie, Public Enemies. He ultimately brought this classic prohibition-era hairdo into the 21st century. 

The vintage cut is back in style and a great look for gents. Extra long at the front, the style graduates in smooth layering as it moves toward the back of the head.

The hair itself is then tapered to the natural skin around the back and sides and kept a little longer on the temples. Best suited to wavy or straight hair, this faded cut will also look great as a modern-day undercut.

For this style, we would recommend HS25-V and HS1 hair systems. Designed to look absolutely natural and complements any face shape.

  • All hair is installed to the base in V-loops, absolutely knot-free, giving the illusion the hair is growing out of the wearer’s natural scalp.
  • 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base melts perfectly into the wearer’s natural scalp, making it impossible to detect.
  • 100% human hair, mixes well with the wearer’s own hair
  • A perfect combination of authenticity and durability. This excellent PU-based hair system helps our clients achieve a flawless look.
  • 0.08mm transparent thin skin base provides a realistic appearance without sacrificing durability.
  • Hair will never come off the base, for each strand of hair is tied to the base in a single-split knot.
  • 100% human hair looks as natural as our client’s own hair.

Learn how to create this haircut in this video, or ask for our pre-cut service!

Johnny Depp Long Hair


Johnny Depp is ultimately known for his long hair, which he started to wear in the early 90s. At the time, Depp’s hair reflected the burgeoning grunge culture in Hollywood, which replaced the supreme star’s clean-cut look. 

In the next few years, Depp’s long hairstyle worked perfectly for roles in Sleepy HollowChocolatWhat’s Eating Gilbert Grape,just to name a few!

Our recommendation for this set of hairstyles is the INSEU skin-based Uni sex hair system, made of 100% European human hair, perfect for medium to long hairstyles.

Inseu unisex master hairpiece of 100% European human hair. The hair is injected into the surface of a 0.08mm skin base to give the wearer the most natural, authentic look. It is easily applied & easily maintained, offered at affordable wholesale prices.

  • 0.08mm transparent ultra-thin skin melts perfectly into the wearer’s natural scalp, making a discreet & undetectable wear
  • The use of 100% European hair gives the wearer a naturally soft, sleek, sheeny finish and a most authentic look.
  • Use of hair injection technique to make it knot-free and tangle free
  • Longer lengths are available to suit various styles and personalities: 6″, 8″, and 10″, Wearable by both men and women

Johnny Depp’s Cry Baby Hairstyle


Reminiscent of Elvis Presley and John Travolta’s character in the blockbuster, Grease, Danny Zuko, the Cry Baby, is a classic rock-and-roll look. Johnny Depp might have worn it in a fictional 1950s classic.

This rockabilly quiff can also be worn today with some modern adaptations. How about opting for a gradual fade on the sides or creating a messy quiff on the top? The wearer can even try this awesome style with short hair for a super subtle take.

HS1V V-Loop 0.06mm thin skin base hair system is ideal for this style.

Rated as one of the best sellers for many years, including 2022, designed explicitly for men with receding hairlines. Is Johnny Depp balding? Buy one for him!

  • 0.06mm ultra-thin and transparent PU skin base merits a light, comfortable wearing experience. 
  • The skin base melts into the wearer’s natural scalp, making it look more natural and authentic. 
  • All hair used is 100% human hair, stitched to the base in V-loops, making the hair root discreet and undetectable.

Johnny Depp’s Donnie Brasco Hairstyle


The iconic look of Donnie Brasco’s short, slicked-back hairstyle will never go out of fashion. Even though the haircut is less popular than it once was, it can still be fashionable if done correctly.

The challenge today is getting the wearer’s hair to sit properly without using too many hair products. Even Johnny Depp probably couldn’t pull off a head full of greasy hair in 2016.

Hollywood lace base hair system with medium-light hair density is recommended for this style. The 100% human hair is tied to the base in freestyle, making various haircuts available.

  • Lace base has thousands of holes on the surface, which allows heat and moisture to escape, enhancing the comfort in tropical climates or weather.
  • A piece of thin poly skin is added around to add strength and also improve the bonding’s handling and cleaning.
  • Invisible knots effect by using bleached knots techniques in the front hairline area.

The role of New Times Hair

Having coped in the hair industry for over a decade, we are a maker and wholesaler of the world’s top-tier quality hair systems.

Authentic, durable, breathable, economical, reliable, and transparent are all the attributes summarize our products and services. Whatever celebrities are wearing, you can wear it, too. 


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Final thoughts

Once the hairpiece is put on, you will be flattered by your new look. That’s the magic hair systems play on anyone’s head who suffers from hair loss. You just can’t afford to ignore the newly formed self-image with a full head of lush, sleek hair and ever cast his eyes again at the guy with a shiny bald scalp in the mirror. If you see Johnny Depp bald in a mirror, we are sure the same magic can be played on him, too.

It’s time to help people transform into the self-image he dreams of. Is Johnny Depp bald? Who cares? Let’s forget about the mystery of Johnny Everyone only cares about himself.

Let’s work together to make sure whoever suffers from hair loss will never be bald. And this is more than doable.

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