For Newbies to Hair System Installation: When Is the Glue Ready for Sticking?

How do you use adhesive or glue effectively for hair system installation?

Many new stylists would do this: Brush hair system glue or adhesive onto the base or the wearer’s scalp, then immediately stick the hair system to the head. Is it correct? No! There’s more to it than you might think.

Do NOT stick the hairpiece on after applying hair system glue on the client’s scalp or the underside of the base while it’s still wet and stringy. Hair system glue doesn’t work that way! It’s a bit different from gluing a piece of paper to a box.

While installing hair systems, before sticking the hair system on, you must wait for the glue to dry, which usually takes several minutes. Read on, and we’ll show you the correct way of hair system installation using adhesive.

How to Tell When the Hair System Glue Is Ready for Sticking:

  • How it feels: The hair system glue feels tacky when dry. If it’s still stringy, then it’s not ready to stick the hairpiece on.
  • How it looks: The adhesive glue becomes thin and transparent when the solvent has evaporated. When dry, water-based glue turns from white to transparent, indicating it’s time to stick on.
  • How long it takes: Glue dry times depend on the type and brand of the hair system glue. For instance, silicone-based adhesive glues, such as Walker Tape Ultra Hold, usually take 5-8 minutes to set, while water-based adhesives, such as Ghost Bond, dry a tad faster, typically in less than 3-5 minutes. Dry time is also influenced by air humidity, the individual wearer’s skin chemistry, how thick the glue is applied, and more.

How to Apply Adhesive Properly for Hair System Installation:

Step 1: Before hair system installation, prepare the scalp by cleaning it with 99% alcohol and applying scalp protectors. Clean the hair system base with alcohol to ensure it is also free of oils and residue.

Step 2: Evenly brush the adhesive glue over the scalp in horizontal and vertical strokes. Apply two coats, giving each a few minutes to set. Once the second coat is on, please wait for it to get sticky. To dry faster, use a blow dryer.

Step 3: Once the hair system glue is all set, place the hairpiece precisely over the area of the head it will cover and give it a gentle press using the flat edge of a comb. Work around the edges, pressing it gently against the scalp, and hold it tight for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Now, the hair system has been installed, and is ready for you to cut and style.

Some Valuable Tips for Hair System Installation Using Adhesive Glue

The Thinner, the Better: Apply thin layers of adhesive glue instead of thick ones; they dry faster and make cleaning a breeze. Thin layers also help avoid unwanted seepage through the base onto the hair.

Dry It Faster With a Blowdryer: Grab a hair blower and give the glue a quick blow-dry to expedite the drying process.

No Swimming Within 24 Hours of Installation: Remind your client to refrain from swimming, working out, or shampooing the hair within at least 24 hours of installation. Otherwise, the hair system is more likely to come off.


You’re now equipped with all the knowledge required to apply adhesive for hair system installation.

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If you have any other questions about using hair systems, please comment below or contact our dedicated customer service team at We’re here to help you out!

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