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Have you needed to cut and styles hair replacement system before delivery to the client? Many wholesalers have encountered this very situation. Some customers need a smaller base size, others require cutting extra lace or skin, and some require the hairpiece styled they want. We have earned the trust of most of our wholesalers to cut and style hairpieces and send them directly to clients. We hide our company's information when we mail, and will not disclose any information to the client. Our company is staffed with a highly experienced and specialized hairdresser and can provide a variety of hair cutting and styling services upon request. However, the purpose of this article is to introduce how to cut a hair base, how to cut excess lace and how to style a hairpiece. It is hoped this information is helpful and will provide better service to customers.

1. How do we cut down a stock hair system to the required size?

The base size of most of our stock hair systems is 8”x10” and can easily be cut down to the required size. You need the following items: scissors, pencils and tape measure (see the picture at right). We will now show you how to cut our most common hairpiece models.

Example 1: Take our stock HS7 

HS7 is our most common stock men’s toupee. This hairpiece is composed of an all-French lace base. It has hand-sewn stitching for better shape contour and extra durability. The hair is 100% Indian hair with synthetic gray hair, 6-inch hair length, 100% density, 3.2 cm wave. French lace is light, breathable and natural-looking. It also provides comfort for the wearer and is ideal for people with sensitive skin. All the knots on this stock toupee are very fine and small and they are all perfectly bleached to create an invisible knot effect for the whole piece. We do single knots (one knot per hair) on the first 1/2'' of this hairpiece which makes for a very realistic front hairline. The base size is 8X10 inch and many customers require us to cut the required size.


For this example, the wholesaler needs us to cut it to 6X9 inches and send it directly to his client. Since the original size is 8×10, the required size is 6×9, we need to cut a ½ inch from the left and right sides, and 1 inch from the back. There is a natural hairline in front so it can't be cut off. Fix the hair on the head mold first and start marking a line with a pencil.



Double-check if the base size is correct with tape measurement. As the old saying goes, “Measure twice and cut once.”


Use scissors to start cutting along the line. IMPORTANT. When you cut the base, you must keep an eye on the head of the scissors. Make sure you can see it so you avoid cutting the hair.


Finally, after trimming, the size of 6×9 is completed. Here it is.


2. Example Two: Cut the Base Per Template.

In this example, we will use the HS1 our skin stock men's toupee. The base design is a 0.08mm super thin skin, transparent and covers the whole base. The skin material of this hair replacement is very popular. Since it is transparent, the skin color will be seen through the base. Furthermore, the skin makes for easy cleaning and holds tape or glue well. 0.08mm is an ideal thickness for clear PU. At this thickness, the skin is very durable while still being natural-looking and light. We use V-looped hair on the front 1/2" of the hairline. V-looped hair has no knots so it makes for a very natural front hairline. We do single split knots on the rest of the hairpiece. Single splits knots are very discreet, providing a natural appearance to the hairpiece yet durable. Because it’s natural, invisible, durable and easy to maintain, it is very popular with our customers. The base size is 8X10 inches. Thus, wholesalers often need us to cut per template and send it directly out to his client.  



Place your template, inside-out, on top of the stock hairpiece, being careful to line up the front of the template with the hairline


Trace the outline of the template using a sharpie, marking the stock hairpiece base


Remove the template and use scissors to cut the stock hairpiece base carefully. Keep an eye on the tip of the scissor to make sure you cut the base and not the hair of the edges.


You can see that after carefully cutting with the scissors, the hair on the edges is not cut, and it is well preserved. After the cutting is complete, we use the template to double-check the size. It is perfect.



3. How do we style hair systems per required photo?

As a professional supplier with more than ten years of experience in hair products, we not only provide a variety of hair replacement, toupee, and wigs and so on, but we also provide hair replacement systems styling service. For example, some of our clients (like online shop owners) will, as part of an order, ask us to trim and style the hairpiece and ship the hairpiece directly to their customers. Please note that all work is confidential and we never disclose our factory information to your customers. You don't have to worry about your customers directly contacting us.

First of all, we need photos of the hairstyles the customers want, and it would be better if they could provide the required length for each section (see below).



For example, one wholesaler required a hairpiece cut and styled per the picture below. 


First, the stock hairpiece wig is washed and, while wet, pinned in place on a foam mannequin head.  Our professional hairdresser uses his superb technique to cut the starting type according to the picture. See the following pictures.



After delicate trimming, the hairpiece is blown dry with a hairdryer.


You will notice the excess lace in front. The lace is then cut and removed.


Cut the hairstyle and compare it. Perfect match.



As you can see, New Times Hair is a leading wholesale human hair wigs distributor that can provide the perfect styling and cutting service for each of your clients. Our company is very popular with our customers from all over the world because of high-quality products and perfect service. We not only have a large number of stock toupees but also produce 5000 custom pieces every month. Contact us today at and we can show you how we can meet your client's needs.


Cherry is responsible for the sales and aftersales of all New Times Hair products. Her expertise with hair systems include ventilation methods, base materials and patterns and hair types. She has high attention to detail and ensures all customers receive their orders accordingly. Her positive attitude and hard work is recognized within our company and with customers.

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