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Does Beth Dutton Wear a Wig in the Yellowstone Series?

Dive into shady dealings, land grabs, and intense gang showdowns. The fourth season of “Yellowstone” peaked with the surprising union of the protagonists, Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler. And the talk of the town? Their marriage, officiated by a priest they daringly kidnapped, marked a bold climax.

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You’re likely smitten with the show if you’re a die-hard “Yellowstone” fan. And who could forget Beth Dutton, the fiery force of nature? Many have been so into Beth’s drama that we might’ve missed the brilliant actress behind her, Kelly Reilly. But here’s the burning question: Does Beth Dutton wear a wig in Yellowstone? Yep, it’s got curious minds spinning! Beth Dutton seemed to be wearing a wig in the series.

Let’s dig deeper into the Beth Dutton wig issue in this post. We’ll compare some cool Beth Dutton hairstyles in Yellowstone. Indeed, no one could tell she was wearing a wig from how she looked.

Who is Beth Dutton in Yellowstone?

Before we dig into the mystery whether Beth Dutton is a wig wearer, let’s first get familiar with her. Are you a Beth Dutton fan? Now picture her living through images and stories. Her vision isn’t just a snapshot; it reveals the fierce soul of a ranch-raised, strong-willed woman. Stories thread her struggles, triumphs, and vulnerabilities. Reading adds depth. Take another look; her tale is etched, creating an irresistible dance of visuals and narrative allure.

Kelly Reilly brings Beth Dutton to life as the formidable lead in the series. John Dutton’s daughter is a banker shaped by a life with men, forging her strength. Clever and manipulative, her underworld ties make her ruthless. “Yellowstone” traces her path, with her signature golden locks symbolizing her persona, often adorned with a wig.

The Beth Dutton Wig Rumor and Yellowstone

Alright, here’s the scoop: Does Beth Dutton wear a wig? Well, it’s a bit of a puzzle. But when we slide into the “Yellowstone” realm, it’s wig central for Beth. We’re not talking about just one wig; she seems to have a whole collection of wigs.

Keep your eyes peeled as her ombre blonde locks shift lengths from one episode to another in just one season—about two months. It’s like a hair transformation show within the drama itself! That must be a wig.

Why Does Beth Dutton Wear a Wig?

Why does Beth Dutton wear a wig? Beth Dutton, the female protagonist, played by Heaven is for Real actress Kelly Reilly in the TV series Yellowstone, wears a wig because Kelly Reilly is naturally a redhead, which wasn’t required for her role.

The blonde wig aids in giving the character the desired appearance and shields Reilly’s hair from harm due to frequent coloring. Wearing a wig allows for easier maintenance and consistency throughout the filming process.

Beth Dutton’s Wig Hairstyles in Yellowstone

Does Beth Dutton wear a wig in the Yellowstone series? I believe she does. Her iconic ombre blonde wig with front bangs has become synonymous with her bold persona. But why the constant hair changes? Well, as the series unfolds, so does Beth’s character.

From mid-shoulder locks to a chic short bob, her hairstyles mirror her journey of hair growth. Hair transformations tell the tale! Her hair is her hallmark, whether cascading freely, tangling in a playful ponytail, or gracing an elegant updo. Every style, be it a wig or not, she wears exudes confidence.

does beth dutton wear a wig in yellowstone2 - Beth Dutton smiling at the camera

File:Kelly Reilly 2013 2.jpg” by Georges Biard is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

➤Beth Dutton Wig Hairstyle: Messy Signature Bangs and Long Bob

Beth’s classic look often features her signature bangs and a chic long bob. This style exudes confidence and sophistication.

This Beth Dutton hairstyle can be comfortably achieved by wearing this lace-top wig backed with a weft. The bang will cover the front seamlessly. 100% Virgin human hair is used and has never been processed. It can be styled and permed multiple times without damage. The lace top will melt into the wearer’s scalp, rendering itself undetectable. Get it as a Beth Dutton wig.

➤Beth Dutton Wig Hairstyles: Loose Waves

Beth Dutton occasionally wears her hair down in loose waves, giving her a more relaxed and approachable appearance while maintaining her trademark elegance.

Again, this breathable, highly realistic, full-lace wig can help quickly achieve Beth Dutton’s loose waves. Depending on your client’s needs, two hair densities are available: 130% and 180%.

➤Beth Dutton Wig Hairstyles: Elegant Updos

For more formal occasions, Beth opts for an elegant updo. This hairstyle showcases her versatility, combining sophistication with a touch of glamour.

Apart from a wig, halo hair extensions offer a versatile, temporary solution. Ideal for special occasions, they don’t require daily wear. Easily placed on the crown, a discreet adjustable string ensures seamless blending. Styling at any salon is effortless, making it a convenient choice.

➤Beth Dutton Wig Hairstyles: Messy Ponytail

Reflecting her no-nonsense attitude, Beth sometimes pulls her hair back into a messy ponytail. This casual yet stylish look complements her strong-willed personality.

Want to be at a glamorous occasion with her elegant Beth Dutton hair? Beside wigs, try our ponytail hair extensions. Simply make a bun, and wrap the extension around it. Hair lengths range from 14 to 26″. 100% Remy human hair is used, which has intact cuticles, holds color permanently, and can last up to 2 years with proper care.

➤Beth Dutton Wig Hairstyles: Half-Up, Half-Down

Beth’s half-up, half-down hairstyle balances her professional demeanor and ranch roots, showcasing her ability to seamlessly blend different aspects of her life.

Looking for a dash of romance? How about a dreamy date with Prince Charming while rocking the iconic Beth Dutton’s half-up, half-down look? Dive into a world of possibilities with our stunning full-lace human hair wig!

Picture this: hair densities of 130% and 150%, reaching that perfect medium-high volume. Transform your or your client’s style by elegantly tying the sides into a butterfly knot, revealing a cascade of gorgeous hair at the bottom. It’s a recipe for an absolutely irresistible and attractive overall appearance! Get this wig and be like Beth Dutton!

➤Beth Dutton Wig Hairstyles: Low Bun

Another refined option is the low bun, which exudes a sense of professionalism and control while maintaining her feminine allure.

A medical wig for alopecia and chemotherapy? Don’t take the name too seriously. Crafted with unprocessed Chinese Virgin hair, it boasts the ideal length and volume, perfect for creating those chic low buns. Your style options are boundless, featuring a captivating ombre and a spectrum of mixed tones. This medical wig does more than medical.

Calling all skilled stylists! Embrace the magic of transformation as you shape this wig into the essence of Beth Dutton’s signature look when she was the boss of her business. Let your creativity run wild because with ‘EmpowerLock,’ you’re not just getting a wig—you’re unlocking a world of possibilities! Get your client to try this wig and be like Beth Dutton.


Does Beth Dutton wear a wig in Yellowstone? Yes, she does. Her ever-changing hairstyles in “Yellowstone” reflect her dynamic character growth. From messy bangs to elegant updos, each style mirrors her life journey. Kelly Reilly’s portrayal captures visuals and narrative allure, showcasing a fusion of strength and complexity. The “EmpowerLock” wig, with unprocessed Chinese Virgin hair, symbolizes empowerment.

For stylists and fans alike, those wigs Actress Kelly Reilly sported offer a canvas to recreate Beth Dutton’s iconic look, merging reality and fiction. Unleash creativity with every strand, crafting a narrative that mirrors her resilience. Just as Beth’s hairstyles tell her story, your artistry may also be integral to her tale.

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