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Are you looking for a trendy new men's toupee hairstyle or a stylish new hair system haircut for your customers? Then you must not miss this article. These are the popular hairstyles for men and some tips when choosing a style for human hair wigs for your customers.

Hairstyles are very important in men's fashion, a charming and cool hairstyle can make you more masculine. Different people want to have different types of hair replacement systems, such as thick hair, straight hair, curly hair, long hair, short hair and so on. There are a lot of fashionable and popular hairstyles this year. The most striking trend now is the messy, textured look with longer hair on the top. Although the trend leans towards longer hair and medium-length men's hairstyles, short men's hairstyles are always popular because they are easy to manage and look clean and neat. For those who want short hair, some old and classic hairstyles will be renewed in this year's popular hairstyles. Here are some pictures of this year's popular hairstyles, hope you can choose a cool and fresh hairstyle for your customer's toupee wig.

1. Cool Short Curly – A perfect hairstyle for men in summer. The hair on top is short but enough still has some length to style. This is a cool summer look for your customer. 


2. For those who have a thick hair system and want to stay clean and fresh, this is a great hairstyle.


3. As we said, long hair is getting more and more popular, this is a hairstyle that is very suitable for men with curly hair.


4. Medium Length Hairstyle A good-looking classic mid-length men's hairstyle, short on both sides and long in the middle. Great for business people.


5. Natural Waves Medium Length: A very natural looking classic men's hairstyle. Short sides, a bit longer on top, brushed back into place.


6. A cool longer hair side part hairstyle for men to get.



You can see, nowadays, there are so many popular hairstyles for men. When you choose a hairstyle for your customer's hairpiece, you should consider the base material, ventilation and hair direction. So that the customer can have not only a great men's toupee, but also can have a strong, durable and natural hair replacement. Here are a few tips for reference.

1. Choose suitable hair direction

It is important to choose the correct hair direction to match your hairstyle. However, if you choose the wrong hair direction and comb your hair in the opposite direction. Sooner rather than later the life of the hair will be shorter.

There are in total eleven kinds of hair directions to choose from as shown in the picture below: left crown, right crown, center crown, left part, right part, center part, left break, right break, flat back, forward pomp, and freestyle.  Of course, you can draw hair direction on the template per the hairstyle the client wants.  That is the most accurate representation.


Freestyle is the most popular hair direction because it can change hair direction and can mold into any hairstyle.  If some customers have an obvious crown, you can choose crown to the left, right, center or the location of the template.

Some customers love parting styles as below, it is best to choose right partings as we can add a little density in the part to prevent the base from being visible.


As this kind of hairstyle, it is best to choose hair direction-pomp forward or flat back. Also you can choose freestyle, however, the lifespan of the front hair may be short as they need to be combed back frequently.


2. Choose a Suitable Natural Hairline

The hairline in front of most men's hairstyles is exposed, so it is very important to make a suitable and natural hairline for your clients. There are many ways to create a natural hairline.

1). One of the most natural methods is to make a V-loop on thin skin such as 0.03mm ultra-thin skin. V-loop has no knots and the 0.03mm skin is very thin.  So they are all undetectable and natural. That's why our stock HS25 is very popular with our customers even if its service life is only one month. Any toupee hairstyle made according to HS25 is very natural.


2). Use lace on the front and make a single split knot with bleaching.

Lace is used commonly in the front because it is thin, natural, and the only material that can be bleached. Single split knots are very small and just one strand of hair is used per knot in the front. Moreover, we will use bleaching powder for  lighter hair color on the root to make knots undetectable. So thin lace bases with single bleached knots are also very popular with our customers. Many of our stocks are like this, such as HS15+, HS7, Q6, HS27+, OCT and so on.


3). The under hair and folded edges in the front also make the hairline more natural.

Both lace and thin skin are very natural, but they are not very strong, and they can't be knotted to a large density. The maximum density of 0.03mm skin is 100%. The maximum density of French lace is 140%. So for customers who like durable and high density, it is best to choose durable materials like mono with PU coating all around. Pu coating in the front is thick and visible, then we need to do under hair or folded edge to make the front natural.



We hope this blog can help you to choose the correct natural hairstyle for your customers. Once you have selected the right hairstyle, base, hair direction, hairline, density and so on. You can safely hand it over to us to make hairpieces for you, as we are professional hair replacement systems manufacturers and can make the best hair wigs with high quality. Let us work together to make the perfect hairpieces for your customers. Allow them to have better products accompanied by the best service to your customers. For more details, please kindly contact with us at [email protected].



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