Best Toupee Tape and Glue Brands in Europe

Europe has more stringent standards regarding toupee tapes and glues. Some toupee tape and glue brands are widely available on the Internet but are not commonly seen on the European market. Some of our European clients have complained that they cannot get the tape or liquid adhesives we ve recommended.

No worries. There are many Europe-originated brands there you can easily get from your local beauty supplies or online store. Their tapes and glue adhesives are even more hypoallergenic and skin-friendly so that all wearers can use these toupee tapes and glues with less harm to their scalps.

This post lists 7 European hair system tapes and glue brands popular among many hair replacement salons, studios, and specialists worldwide. If your salon or warehouse is based in Europe, you can use these toupee tapes or adhesives without hassle. Rest assured that these European toupee tapes and toupee glues are the best in the world.

1. GFH

The first brand we are going to introduce is GFH. GFH is a German-based wig and hair system brand. They also make and develop various hair system adhesives and accessories. TOP SECRET and ACTIV are two of their most popular toupee tape and glue series.

GFH Top Secret Power Tape


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Top Secret Power Tape is a 19mm x 2.75M toupee tape roll. It creates a super-firm hold that lasts 3–6 weeks. Based on customer feedback, this toupee glue is similar to sealant; water and all sorts of moisture can never seep through as long as it remains attached to the wearer’s head.

The Power Tape roll is super thin and matte. It doesn’t reflect natural or artificial lights under lace or monofilament, making the hairlines and parts undetectable.


  • Water-resistant
  • Firm hold: 3-6 weeks
  • Matt, and reflects no lights
  • Super thin and soft for the scalp
  • Easy to apply and remove

GFH Activ Aqua Bond


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The Gfh Activ Aqua Bond is explicitly made for lace and PU hairpieces for a scure and lasting hold. The liquid adhesive appears white first out of the vial. But not to worry. In the process of drying up, it will turn absolutely transparent, and remains invisible under the hair.

Similar to many other GFH toupee tapes and glues, Activ Aqua Bond is also water proof. The user can shower, swim and engage in their usual exercises wearing hairpieces.

ACTIV Aqua Bond is claimed to be non-toxic and does not contain any harmful ingredients. You do not have to worry about skin irrations at all. The average bonding time is about 3-4 weeks.


  • Firm hold: 3-4 weeks
  • Invisible: Absolutely invisible when dried
  • Water-proof
  • Skin friendly

2. Ellen Wille

Based in Germany, Ellen Wille and her Ellen Wille wigs and hair systems, as well as her toupee tapes and glues are favored by wig and toupee wearers around the globe. You can esasily get them in most European online stores and your local beauty supply outlets.

Ellen Wille Adhesive Spots


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Are you looking for a toupee tape that’s chemical-free, holds extra tight, and is used explicitly for P.U. skin hair systems? Ellen Wille Adhesive Spots are your perfect pick. Ellen Wille’s Adhesive Spots are the ultimate wig essential, providing extra security. These toupee tapes are futuristically thin and transparent. They have easy-to-peel backings and are safe to use directly on the skin without allergic reactions.

They offer specially designed adhesive spots for polyurethane (P.U.) materials. These spots can be easily cut into smaller pieces and applied to specific areas. Each pack includes 50 pieces, more than enough for your hairpiece installations.


  • Thin and flexible
  • It can be cut into smaller pieces
  • Specifically for skin hair systems
  • Double-sided

Ellen Wille Tape Roll for Wigs and Hairpieces 12mm*5m


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Ellen Willie Toupee tape rolls measure 12mm in width and 5m in length, you can easily cut the tape to your preferred sizes. The toupee tape comes in the form of a thin, transparent film. Whether you are a toupee or wig wearer, this double-sided tape will create a gentle and solid attachment. 100% allergen-free, and skin-friendly, with Ellen Wille, simplicity and reliability go hand in hand.


  • 12mm * 5m
  • Easily cut into smaller pieces.
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Fast delivery

Wig Perma Tape Medium 25mm x 2,70m


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Perma Tape is a special toupee tape designed specifically for attaching Perma Fit hair systems. Start by thoroughly shaving and cleaning the scalp area that the hair system will cover. Next, apply Perma Tape to the underside of the Perma Fit hair system. Typically, the tape lasts a week or so on the head. However, this duration may vary slightly depending on the wearer’s skin condition.


  • Roll length: 25mm x 2,70m
  • Gentle hold
  • Fast delivery

Wig Perma Tape Strong 25mm x 2,70m


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Being also a part of the Perma Toupee Tape series, Perma Tape Strong extends the duration from one week to three or four weeks.


  • Roll length: 25mm x 2,70m
  • Duration: 3-4 weeks
  • Gentle hold

Fast delivery

3.   Luxhair

Luxhair was the pioneering European brand dedicated to creating specialized hair systems, toupee tapes and glues, and other hair care products, ensuring superior durability and enhanced care for hair systems. Their toupee tapes and toupee glues are vastly used in Spain and the entire E.U.

Luxhair Lace Front Tapes


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Spanish brand LuxHair (L.H.) toupee tapes for lace front hair systems are available in 3, 10, and 30-meter tape rolls. LH No-shine toupee tape rolls can easily hold for over three weeks and are resistant to water and sweat. You can cut the toupee tape into smaller pieces to suit different hairline shapes and sizes.

L.H. toupee tapes for lace fronts are manufactured explicitly to achieve the best user experience. Three contours are available from A to C; each pack contains 36 sheets of toupee tape. The tape residues are easy to clean, allowing for low-maintenance hair systems.


  • Extra-strong holds for 2-4 weeks.
  • Transparent.
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Can be cut into smaller pieces as required
  • Specific hair bonding formation: hair prosthesis, extensions, wigs, etc.

Luxhair Superhold Adhesive


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Luxhair presents a water-based liquid adhesive specifically for attaching hair replacement systems, wigs, and extensions to the wearer’s scalp. This method ensures a matte appearance, giving a more natural finish while keeping hair roots loose and unimpaired. Experience an exceptional, extra-strong hold with Luxhair’s innovative toupee glue solution.


  • Loose Hair roots
  • Applicable for all types of hair systems
  • Matte and no-shine finish
  • Extra resistant to water, sweat, and high temperatures
  • The perfect solution for intensive physical activities
  • Perfect for high-intensity exercises

LH Superhold Adhesive can also be used for all hair systems, such as lace, mono, and skin hair systems. If appropriately applied, the toupee glue will never seep through the lace or monofilament material. When dried up, the bond will appear matte with a no-shine finish.

Plus, it grants a loose bond, so wearers will never feel a strong pull on the hair root. The bonding also resists water, sweat, and high temperatures. Wearers can use this toupee glue for intense exercises; the hair system doesn’t go anywhere.

4.   Professional Hair Lab

The Ghost Bond wasn’t initially developed in Europe. However, it is vastly accepted in Europe as one of the best water based toupee glues in the world.

The founder of Ghost Bond Mr and Mrs Margolin dedicated themselves to creating safe hair care solutions after Mrs Margolin’s chemical poisoning. Their dedication led to the creation of Ghost Bond. This gentle but effective toupee glue has the advantages of toupee tapes and other hair system glues and is well-liked by professionals everywhere. Professional Hair Labs, built on 40 years of expertise, has emerged as an industry leader.

With manufacturing facilities in Ireland and the U.S., they supply salons globally. They uphold safety and quality under the leadership of Ryan Margolin as CEO, Daryl Margolin as V.P., and David Margolin as COO, ensuring a bright future for the beauty industry.

Ghost Bond Classic

Best Toupee Tape and Glue Brands in EuropeBest Toupee Tape and Glue Brands in Europe

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Ghost bond classic is their most successful products popual;r among hair system wearers around the world. It is a water-based glue,  and contain less chemicals compared to traditional solvent-based glue. Fewer chemicals are involved in making water-based glue, thus it is more skin friendly and will cost a little bit more. It provides 4-5 weeks of hold time

Lace and monofilament hair systems usually use toupee tapes only. However, Ghost Bonds can be used for all hair systems, such as lace, monofilament, and P.U. skin hair systems.


  • Pressure sensitive
  • It can be used for all types of hair systems
  • Invisible bonding for lace & poly hair systems
  • Ideal for oily scalps, high humidity & heavy perspiration
  • Water and oil-resistant
  • Contains no latex or other toxic ingredients
  • May use 70% alcohol for removal


Europe does produce some of the world’s best toupee tapes and glues, which are generally practical, chemical-free, and user-friendly. Some toupee tapes and glues are not made in Europe but are widely accepted and sold there. That means these toupee tapes and adhesives have passed Europe’s quality inspection and are safe to use and effective.

We’ve just gone through some of the world’s top-tier toupee tapes and glues with a significant following in Europe. Cheap and lousy toupee tapes or hairpiece adhesives may result in hair system stuffing and allergic reactions. Go ahead with European toupee tapes and glues. Using them indicates that you are using the best toupee tapes and glues in the world.

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