Don’t Miss Robbie Williams’ Wig for His 2022 Qatar Show!

The clock is ticking, and the quarter-finals will soon get rolling. Japan made history in the groups by scoring late goals to defeat Germany 2-1. In about two weeks, on December 8, 2022, we will be spectating another grand event in Qatar: the former Take That star, Robbie Williams, 48, will perform at the Doha Golf Club, marking the climax of the games. Maybe he will be wearing a wig this time for his show. Sources say that there’s something new about Robbie Williams’ hair (let’s just call it Robbie Williams hair!).

How Is Baldness Related to Robbie Williams Hair?

Robbie is never cagy about his hair condition. Earlier this year, he declared to the world that he would “embrace” his hair loss after trying different things to keep it.

The former Take That star, 48, was once voted the Smash Hits Poll Winners’ “best haircut” back in the 90s but has previously tried various treatments to prevent hair loss. It must have been tough for him when he first noticed his hair starting to go.


Robbie’s Inflicted Journey of Hair Loss

After trying different ways to curb hair loss, the star decided to accept his thinning hairline. But the story doesn’t end here. Earlier this year, Robbie said he would like to start wearing hair replacement systems. And that hopefully will change his Robbie Williams hair positively.

Robbie Williams’ hair and his failed hair transplant was hotly discussed. This video will show you how:

Why Didn’t Hair Transplant Work out for Robbie Williams?

Will we see Robbie Williams perform in Qatar with a wig or hairpiece on? Robbie Williams hair, as mentioned above, Robbie Williams has tried all sorts of procedures to regain his hair, his Robbie Williams hair. In 2013, he successfully underwent a hair transplant, restoring his fading hairline. But how come he lost it all in the following years?


Hair Transplant Isn’t for Everyone.

Robbie Williams’ transplant was obviously successful. The Robbie Williams hair became a popular topic. And he was quite proud of his Robblie Williams hair. However, the consensus among the world’s most respected dermatologists and qualified specialists is that hair transplants are not for everyone. Only a few men have hair that is suitable for transplants. Three things make a hair transplant work for life; if one is missing, the transplant will fail.

  • The Hair Has to Be Absolutely Healthy

A specialist will usually have the person do a hair test before a hair transplant. Only if his hair is 100% healthy can he have a hair transplant done. But statistics show that only 50% of bald people with healthy hair are fit for a hair transplant. That sifts out 70% of the population already.

Robbie Williams was lucky enough to have his first transplant done successfully. That means he had his healthy Robbie Williams hair at the time. But his hair condition must have met the second requirement: he must have enough hair left to cover the fact that he is bald. His Robbie Williams hair was challenged again.

In fact, Robbie Williams already stated a while ago that his Robbie Williams hair was thinning, and he was trying to figure out ways to get it sorted.

  • Only Those with Enough Hair Can Make Transplants Possible

Remember, a “hair transplant” doesn’t mean having someone else’s hair removed and planted on your head. You have to be your own hair donor. A strip of your own scalp with hair on it gets removed from your head and planted in the hairless region of your scalp. You are lucky if someone is willing to donate a fair amount of hair to you. But most of the time, donors like this don’t exist. 

You must have enough remaining hair to be your own hair donor. If your scalp is over 50% bald, how can you expect the remaining hair to give out enough hair to cover the bald areas?

Let’s say a person wants to restore his hairline (like Robbie Williams wanting to restore his Robbie Williams hair). He must have enough hair on the top or back of his head to cover the bald spots while also concealing areas where hair has been removed.

Robbie’s Robbie Williams hair satisfied prerequisite no. 2. He’d got enough hair (Robbie Williams hair) to feed the forehead and the areas of the scalp where hair had been removed. However, he wasn’t lucky the third time. The newly implanted hair (Robbie Williams hair) wasn’t happy to remain in its new breeding ground. It fell off his head.

  • No Expert Can Guarantee that Transplanted Hair Will Continue to Grow

Of all the people losing their hair, few are good candidates for transplants. But the sad truth is that even for these lucky people, no specialist is trained to guarantee that the newly implanted hair will continue to grow in its new home. Much of it will start to fall again after being implanted for a while. Robbie William’s experience fits this category perfectly. His 2013 photos looked perfect, and he has a perfect front hairline. After almost 10 years, his perfect-looking hairline is moving back again. Sadly a downhill journey for our famous Robbie Williams hair.


Tried Everything, but None Worked

The 48-year-old singer did try to receive another transplant seven years later, but the doctors refused as his hair (his Robbie Williams hair) was too thin.

The pop icon described his experience: “No one is going to give me a thatch job [hair transplant] because they think my hair is too thin.” I’m too depressed to take any medicines. Therefore, I can’t. “I will just have to accept Robbie Williams’ hair loss.”

“But how about other ways to help him regain his hair (his Robbie Williams hair)?” People ask. Yes, Robbie Williams has tried several things, including medicine and injections, but nothing has worked.

 Let’s walk through some of today’s most commonly adopted methods that could help hair grow.

  • Medication

When chemotherapy or a disease-related condition causes temporary hair loss, the hair will grow back once the condition is resolved or the treatment is over.

Finasteride is another drug that is frequently used (Propecia). For guys, it is a prescription medication. However, this medicine won’t be effective with hair loss caused by aging.

“I can’t take any pills because they depress me. I’m just going to have to embrace Robbie Williams losing his hair,” Williams said to Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.

It is just part of his aging process. So medication is not available to him.

  • Injection

To help the hair regrow, the dermatologist injects this medication into the bald or thinning areas. These injections usually take place every 4–8 weeks, as needed.

However, Now “embracing” the changes, poor Robbie did attempt pricey follicle-growth injections, but without success. 

“We’ve both lived long enough to witness me losing my hair,” Robbie joke.

Will Hair Systems or Wigs Restore His Robbie Williams Hair?

Well, something has yet to be worked out. We can understand Robbie Williams’ frustration. He said earlier this year, for a fresh start, that he was planning to wear hair systems (this may get his renowned Robbie Williams hair great again).

“I’m thinking about getting a hairpiece,” he said to the camera in March 2022. “There are these great wigs that you can wear now.” “They get glued to your head just like real hair (again, it’s Robbie Williams hair).”


Thanks, Robbie!

We are not here to say hair replacement systems or wigs are the best way to tackle hair loss, but they work for all sorts of hair conditions. No matter why someone is losing their hair or going bald, they can use hair replacement systems or wigs with zero damage to their scalp or body.

Unlike drugs or hair transplants, hair systems are safe for the scalp and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They cause no harm to the wearer’s skin or health. 

Hairpieces are Used to Create all Hairstyles Celebrities Wear

Today’s wigs, toupees, and hairpieces are made to look just like the wearer’s natural hair. The base is joined to the wearer’s scalp naturally. No one can tell if the person is wearing a hairpiece.

High-quality hairpieces can create a full head of beautifully groomed hair, like Robbie Williams’when he had hair. With a hairpiece on, the stylist can cut a wig or hairpiece into styles much like a regular haircut.

Did Robbie Williams Wear a Hairpiece or Wig After He Said He Will?

When it comes to dealing with the media, celebrities are still hesitant. We have to start a guessing game. However, Robbie has been wearing one since he said he would. What we care the most is that his Robbie Williams hair will look great again.

After the confirmed failure of his 2013 transplant in 2010, when he decided to have another transplant and denied it, the hair on his forehead just looked thin.

We can easily see his scalp, but some of his recent photos show Robbie Williams with a lush, perfect-looking hairline (yes, Robbie Williams hair). Slick-back, quiff, etc., he tried them all to showcase his brand-new hairline. Will he be wearing a toupee or wig for his 2022 Qatar show? How will the Robbie Williams hair will look this time?

Let’s wait and see. But I believe he will.


What Makes Us the Best Hairpiece Maker?

New Times Hair only makes top-tier quality toupees and wigs. All our hairpiece products are made of 100% human hair from ethical sources worldwide. All our hairpiece bases meet the world’s top criteria. Whatever hairpiece celebrities wear to make it look natural and undetectable, our products do the same. 


You may say we are exaggerating, but if you are currently going through excessive hair loss or balding and looking for hair replacement systems, here is how you will look with our toupees on.

Most of our hair replacement systems, toupees, and wigs are taped or glued to the person’s head using special adhesives or tapes. It just feels like their own hair. The wearer can go swimming and do extreme sports like skydiving, and the hairpiece doesn’t go anywhere.

Most Authentic-Looking Hairline

With most hair systems or toupees, a realistic-looking hairline is a must. The hairline is usually what gives the wearer away, even with celebrities.

Take a look at these images from our customers’ feedback to find how realistic our hair systems look like!


The hair and the base just look super natural. No one can tell where the person’s natural hair is and where the hairpiece is. The hair blends perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair, as does the base.

Some of Our Best-Selling Units

Look at some of our best-selling toupees, One of our most popular hair systems is the HS25-V 0.03-mm ultra-thin skin hair system. It has an ultra-thin PU base that melts into the wearer’s scalp and looks like a natural scalp. The hair is V-looped to the base with absolutely no knots showing. The person who wears it can show off his real-looking hairline with a slick back, side part, quiff, etc. 

Save $50 on your first order(coupon code: BLOG50).

The HS7 Full Lace Hair System With Realistic Hairline has a full-lace base that lets the scalp breathe freely and looks like a natural scalp. Wearers living in tropical areas will adore it. The hair is tied to the base in double knots, making a solid hold, and never comes off the base.

Save $50 on your first order(coupon code: BLOG50).

With a mono base and a PU edge, the D7-5 Men’s Lace Toupee is both stable and breathable and looks natural. The PU perimeter strengthens the edges, so the base will never break. 

Save $50 on your first order(coupon code: BLOG50).


The Three Lions handed out a 6-2 mauling to Iran in a Group B opener. The clock is ticking, and the eighth final is approaching. Soon, Robbie Williams will be singing in Doha. We are all keen on seeing what the renowned Robbie Williams hair will look. His new handsome hairline together with his songs is going to mark the high point of the games. Will he be wearing a wig or toupee this time? Let’s wait and see. I personally believe he will.

Any hairstyle can be achieved with the help of a good toupee or wig. Assume Robbie Williams has decided to experiment with hair systems. In that case, he will surely fall in love with them, and once put on, he will need them forever, as hair systems can give the wearer instant volume and length. A qualified stylist can cut or style the hair into any style celebrities wear.

New Times Hair has been making, distributing, and retailing toupees and wigs for over a decade. As an industry leader, we know the ins and outs. We have set up a new supply chain to keep a close eye on production and keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality. Yes, celebrity quality at an affordable price—that summarizes our products. Click to thoroughly review some top-quality hair systems at New Times Hair.

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