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How To Choose a Suitable Base For A Hair Replacement System?

Many customers wonder “what’s the best hair replacement?”  Actually all hair replacements have their different advantages, we can't say which one is best but we can help customers choose one that suits the best.

We supply various base designs for hair replacements including: mono base, lace base, skin base, silk top, and a combined base.  In order to help choose the best base material for the customer, check out their features below. 

Mono Base

Fine mono base has a strong knit weave and can bear extra heavy hair density, making it extra durable.  Therefore if the customer wants a high density hair replacement, this is a good choice.

We also supply super fine mono base, but this base can bear a maximum of medium density.

As for fine welded mono, it is often used to hold the front and sides to another base material type. Like mono base, it can bear extra heavy hair density.

Silk mono is a skin-friendly base with a maximum of medium density.

Lace Base

French lace is commonly used on hair replacement bases.  It is both breathable and natural.  The highest hair density of French lace is medium heavy (140%).  French lace comes in flesh color and can be dyed  light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black.  We can also add bleached knots on French lace base. We have the HS7 full French lace base hair replacement in stock with bleached knots all over.  We can also make different base designs, part French lace on the front or the middle.  No matter what base design the customer wants, we have the ideal solution.

Swiss lace is softer than French lace.  It is very fine but also delicate.  The normal wear time is only around 1 month.  It comes in the same colors as French lace.  The highest density for Swiss lace is medium light and the option of bleached knots is available.

I suggest customers choose French lace instead of Swiss lace because French lace is more durable and can a stand higher density than Swiss lace.

Skin Base

Sometimes customers may be confused by skin, pu with gauze and pu coating.  Actually they are totally different materials.

Skin can be classified into three types: thin skin, medium thickness skin and thick skin.

Thin skin has a range of thickness from 0.03mm-0.10mm. We call 0.03mm ultra thin skin, our stock piece HS25 is full ultra thin skin with a thickness of 0.03mm. Similarly, we also supply stock pieces HS1, HS1-V, and HS1-INS.

Medium thickness skin refers to thickness from 0.12-0.14mm.  Thick skin means thickness from 0.16-0.18mm.

PU with Gauze is created by brushing a layer of poly on a net base.

PU Coating is created by attaching layer of French lace or fine mono with poly to pu gauze.

Many customers like skin hair replacements, but what are the advantages?

First, skin hair replacements come in different thicknesses.  When the skin is thin, it looks more natural; when the skin is thicker, it becomes more durable.  So skin hair replacements allow the customer to choose a specific thickness, according to their different needs.

Second, skin hair replacements come with different knot types.  They can be knotted, v-looped, or injected.  Different knot types have different effects.  Knots are durable, injected hair is more natural, v-looped is more natural than knots but less durable.  So skin hair replacements also enable the customer to choose a specific knot type according to their needs.

Third, skin hair replacements are easy to attach and glue or tape is more easily cleaned off.  They are convenient for clients who take off their hair replacement daily or weekly.

However, skin hair replacements are not breathable. However, if the customer wants we can make small holes on the base to achieve better ventilation.

If the customer doesn't like knots on their hair replacement system, an injected skin base is a good choice.  With injected skin bases, the hair is injected into the base, which looks very natural, just like the hair is growing out from the scalp.

There are 2 types of injected skin bases, flat injected skin bases and lift injected skin bases.

Flat injected skin base is the more common of the 2 injected skin bases.  The hair lies flat on the scalp and can be combed and styled easily.

With Lift injected skin bases the hair appears upright because the hair is directly injected from above.  Lift injected skin bases are more natural looking than flat injected bases, but the hair is not as easy to comb freely.

Silk top base

Silk top is also called injected lace or silk lace.  Normally silk top has 3 layers: silk mono, lace and diamond net.

Silk mono is the layer closest to hair side, lace is in the middle,  and diamond net is the inside layer that will touch the head when the customer wears the hair piece.

First, we knot hair on lace, the middle layer.  Then we will inject yjr hair through the silk mono. That is why hair looks like the hair is growing out of the own scalp on a silk top base.  Finally, we add a layer of diamond net on the inner base.  The function of diamond net is to prevent knots on yjr lace from moving towards the head which makes the customer feel comfortable.

Some customers feel 3 layer silk top base is too thick, they prefer 2 layer one.  That’s ok.  The difference is that 2 layer silk top has no diamond net.  It only has lace and silk mono.

Medical wigs are the most suitable wig types for customers who suffer from cancer or have otherwise lost all their hair.

The bases of medical wig are of the highest quality. We usually use super soft net or silk top for the base design with breathable French lace on the front.  For further comfort, stretch net is used on the crown and back.  Stretch net has perfect elasticity, so it can fit different shapes of heads well and give high comfort.  Moreover, silicon skin on the temples and front help prevent the wig from slipping.  And adjustable elastic bands appear on the nape area, so the customer can adjust the size easily.

All in all, our medical wigs are of high quality, we have many different base designs for the customer to choose so we will always have the perfect option.

For the hair type, hair length, hair color, hair density and hair curl, we can customize according to customer requirements.

To get an accurate size, we prefer that the customer send us a template.  Or the customer can give us the measurement details.

Some customers do not like hair replacements which require the use of tape or glue, so we make anti-slip wigs to meet their needs.

Features anti-slip wigs:

First, there usually have elastic bands  on the sides and back which enable the customer to adjust the wig size to fit the head well.

Second, anti-slip wigs usually have stretch net at the crown. Stretch net functions like elastic because it makes the wig easier to fit and take off. Stretch net also helps the customer achieve the perfect fit.

Third, anti-slip silicone is used at the front, temples, and perimeter to prevent slipping.  Anti-slip silicone is added added to skin bases and does not require the use of skin and glue.

If the customer wants easy attachment and removal without the use of adhesives, then our anti-slip wigs are the right choice for the customer.

Stock wigs for immediate shipment

Now Newtimes Hair factory has some new women stock wigs in stock for immediate shipment.  Below are pictures and details:


stock wigs


1) Lace front wig: The front 2.5” lace is hand-tied, the rest is machine made weft. There are combs on the front, and elastic on the sides and back.

2) Full lace wig: we have 2 types, one has no combs or elastic, one has both.  Our full lace wig is 100% hand-tied work, so the price is higher than just a lace front wig.

3) 360 wig: the top is machine made weft, with a lace perimeter.  The lace all around makes it more natural than a lace front wig when wearing a ponytail.

4) Bob style wig: all bob wigs have a center part hair direction, so we use lace at the front to make the parting line more natural.  The rest is machine made weft.

5) Glueless wig: This lace at the front, with the rest stretch net.  There are combs at the front and on the temples, elastic on the sides and back, and metal stays on the temples to create good shape annd contour. 

All the wigs are ready for immediate shipment.  Many hair colors are available with different hair lengths. 

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