Lace vs. Poly Hair System: Here are the Major Difference

Lace and poly skin are the two most common base types used on hair systems.

If you are new to hair systems, choosing between lace vs. poly hair systems can be quite confusing and challenging.

These two types of bases differ in price, how natural they are, the way they feel, and how long they will last.

Don’t worry, in this blog post, New Times Hair will shed light on the things you need to know about these differences in order to help you make the right purchase decision.

Now, let’s dive directly into our blog!

Lace Hair System

Lace hair systems are basically hairpieces with a base made from different kinds of exceedingly soft, breathable, and interwoven lace material.

Lace Material Naturalness test

There are primarily two kinds of lace materials dominant on the market: French lace and Swiss lace.

Both lace types are natural-looking enough to give the wearers very undetectable appearances. The difference is not very noticeable without a close comparison.

Swiss Lace vs. French Lace

When it comes to the differences in feel between French lace and Swiss lace, Swiss lace feels slightly softer and lighter due to the fact that the fiber material used to produce Swiss lace hair systems is finer and more delicate, while the fiber material used for French lace hair systems is sturdier and more resilient.

Compared with French lace hair systems, Swiss lace hair systems are more vulnerable to damage from tearing and pulling, since the threads are thin and soft. When not used properly, the hair system base can easily get broken and go to waste.

French Lace vs. Swiss Lace

Poly Hair System

Poly skin hair systems basically refer to hairpieces with a  base made from a very soft and silky polyurethane material that imitates the appearance of human skin.

For poly skin hair systems, how undetectable and natural-looking the base appears is strongly associated with the thickness of the poly skin. It is usually the case that the thinner the base, the more natural it looks, and vice versa.

Skin Base: Naturalness Test

Nowadays, on the men’s hair system market, the thinnest poly skin base can go as thin as an unbelievable 0.03mm. This size has gained enormous popularity as a result of its exceptional realism, since the majority of hair system wearers find the naturalness of their hair systems to be the most important factor. Generally speaking, most poly skin hair systems come with a base thinner than 0.1mm, and anything thicker than that probably won’t appear natural-looking enough for most wearers to feel reassured in public.

Poly Skin vs. Lace Hair System: What are the differences?

Touch and Feel

Both poly skin and lace materials are super soft materials that feel very comfortable on the head.

Lace systems are a net with thousands of holes, so they are lightweight enough that the wearers don’t even feel them.

Poly skin is made of resilient and transparent materials, so the wearer will feel it skintight on their head. The thinner the skin, the lighter and softer it will feel.


When it comes to breathability, poly skin hair systems are not as impressive as lace ones.

This is not hard to imagine at all, as the polyurethane material is entirely impermeable, not allowing any air to pass through.

In contrast, the countless small holes across the lace base allow air to escape, making it a perfect choice for hot weather and for people who lead active or sporty lifestyles. Even on scorching days, they can do intense activities without feeling any discomfort from sweating.


Front Hairline

Although both materials appear undetectable on the head, there is a little bit of a difference in terms of what the front hairline looks like.

The front hairline of a lace hair system is completely matte, so you will only notice it when you look very closely.

Poly skin appears transparent, but it will have a bit of a shine. You may also find that when you lift your eyebrows, the poly skin folds a little. That happens most often on thicker poly skin. If you choose a thinner poly skin base, you don’t need to worry about it folding.



French lace hair systems have a lifespan of four to five months, while Swiss lace hair systems can last one to two months before becoming unusable.

The lifespan of poly skin hair systems is positively correlated with skin thickness. In other words, thicker poly skin has greater durability, which is also appreciated by many wearers who are looking for value-for-their-money options.

Base MaterialLifespan
Skin 0.03mmAround 4 Weeks
Skin 0.06mm2-3 Months
Skin 0.08mm3-4 Months
Skin 0.1mm3-6 Months
Swiss Lace1-2 Months
French Lace3-4 Months

Hair Knotting Methods that can Apply on it

There are many hair knotting methods to attach the hair to the base, including single knots, double knots, single split knots, double split knots, hair injection, and V-looped hair.

For poly skin hair systems, nearly all hair knotting methods work. Whether you like the knotless method or the hair knotted tightly to the base, you will find an ideal choice for every skin hair system.

Knotless VentilationMethod

On the other hand, for lace hair systems, knotless methods are not applicable because of the many small holes on the piece. But hair can be fixed to the lace by knotting on it, which is more secure than the knotless method. But the downside of the knotting methods is they do not look as natural as the knotless methods as black knots are left on base. Despite that, knots bleaching, a highly innovative process for removing the dark color pigment from the knots to create a knotless effect that looks more natural.

Knotting Ventilation Method


Typically, lace hair systems are more expensive than poly skin hair systems.

This is because the production for the lace hair systems takes longer, as the knotless method doesn’t work for lace materials.

Adhesives that Fits

For men’s hair systems, tape and glue are the very most commonly used attachment tools.


Poly skin hair systems are a better option for those who rely on glue to attach their hair systems. Because the poly skin is completely impenetrable, liquids such as glue will not seep into the other side of the base and damage the hair.

In contrast, the small holes across the base of lace hair systems are not resistant to liquid permeation, so the glue can easily get on the hair and damage it.

Therefore, tape is a much more practical attachment tool for lace hair system wearers. In addition, many poly skin hair system wearers find tape more favorable than glue in some ways, as people’s preferences regarding hair system attachment vary considerably.

Click to learn more about the differences between Tape vs. Glue, and the kind of hair systems that they fit.

Easy to Install, Remove and Clean

The installation of lace and poly hair systems are almost the same. Check out our guide on men’s hair piece installation to find the detailed steps.

For the removal, you need to be more careful when you remove the poly skin hair systems, as they are super thin and more likely to tear.

When it comes to cleaning the two hair systems, the skin ones are typically easier to clean because they have a very smooth surface, which makes it very easy to remove glue or tape. This feature makes them a nice option for first-time wearers.

Hybrid Hair System: Combination of the Benefits From Lace and Poly Hair Systems

Now you understand the difference between lace and poly hair systems. Both types of base materials have their benefits, and that is why they are so popular among hair system wearers.

Love both? Then a hybrid hair system might be the best option for you.

By combining different types of materials in different sections, hybrid hair systems allow you to benefit from the advantages of different base materials.

For example, a skin hair system with a lace front is designed for those who prefer the skin hair system but also want to achieve a realistic hairline.

A lace hair system with a skin perimeter makes it easier to handle tape and glue while also benefiting from the advantages of a lace base.

If you are still struggling to choose between a lace or poly skin hair system, then consider a hybrid. At New Times Hair, you can also customize your hair system with a base that you design.

What to Choose for Your Business

If you are a start-up in the men’s hair replacement business, it is crucial to select the most suitable hair systems from the right hair system manufacturers for your customers so that you can gradually build your customer base.

New Times Hair is where you can wholesale top-class hair systems and wigs at the lowest direct factory prices. In the last 10 years, we have partnered with thousands of hair system retailers from more than 100 countries whose businesses have benefited greatly from our products and services. We offer an extensive range of poly skin hair systems and lace hair systems in many different colors and sizes, so you will have no problem what you need.

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