The Differences Among Our Popular Stock Toupees AUSTRALIA, D7-3, D7-5 and MF1

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The Differences Among Our Popular Stock Toupees AUSTRALIA, D7-3, D7-5 and MF1

Do you still get confused between toupees with similar base designs but different base materials? Well, in today's blog we are going to introduce you to our four most popular stock men’s toupees. These toupees are highly suitable for end wearers who have naturally thick hair. They are named the D7-3, the D7-5, the MF1, and AUSTRALIA. They have similar base designs but all have their own unique and distinctive advantages.


Let’s start by introducing the 4 different types of mesh/poly used on the D7-3, D7-5, MF1, and the AUSTRALIA.

French lace is thin, light, natural, breathable, and comfortable. We tend to use single reverse slip knots on the first ½” of our French lace hair systems. These knots are very small, and they, therefore, help us to create a natural-looking front hairline.

We use double split reverse knots on the rest of the base material. Double reverse split knots are stronger and more durable, so they will not loosen easily and the hair on the system will not shed. A French lace hair base can hold a maximum medium-heavy hair density.


Let’s move on to monofilament, more commonly known as “mono”. Mono is not as thin as French lace, but it’s woven more tightly and is therefore far more durable. In fact, mono hair systems are some of the most durable hair systems we stock!

Fine welded mono is fine, natural and breathable. It is thicker (and more durable) than French lace. Similarly to French lace, we use single reverse split knots on the first ½” of the base and double reverse split knots on the rest of the base material. Fine welded mono can hold up to an extra-heavy hair density because of the longevity of the material.


And what’s more, 0.08mm Transparent Skin. 0.08mm is similar to clear poly. For skin bases that are over 0.08mm thickness, we normally use the hair injection ventilation method. The lift injection ventilation method is also possible for skin thicknesses over 0.12mm.


Let’s turn our attention to another kind of PU which is slightly stronger than transparent PU. This type of PU is not just poly; it’s poly combined with other base materials such as mono, gauze, etc. PU coating or NPU is made by adding one layer of lace/mono to a layer of skin to enhance the strength of the base design. Typically, it is used along the edge of poly hair replacement systems in order to strengthen them. It is thicker and not as natural looking as transparent skin. We normally use single split knots or single flat knots on PU coating. However, the layering of materials allows these systems to hold double split knots or double flat knots at a client's request.


Under-ventilated hair is mainly used on thick-edged bases such as fine mono with poly along the edge, bases with folded netting along the front hairline, hairpieces with ribbon around the edge and silk tops with poly coating. When these types of hair replacement systems are worn, they may not look as natural as some of the other units we stock. In order to make the front hairline appear more natural-looking, we knot under-ventilated hair to cover the edge. Please see the photograph below:


What are the Distinctive Features of These 4 Stock Toupees for Men?

They all have a net material (lace/mono) combined with poly (clear poly/ PU coated). These materials are both durable and breathable and can last between 6-12 months, sometimes even longer! These base materials are also suitable for all adhesive methods including glue, tapes and clips. The poly around the base allows attachment and removal of the system to be quick, easy and hassle free! There are various base sizes available including; 6"*8", 6"*9",7"*9", 7"*10" and 8"*10".


What are Some of the Differences Among these Models?


The AUSTRALIA is constructed with French lace and 0.08mm of super thin skin with around 1” extra thin skin along the natural hairline. If you are looking for a men’s toupee that is natural, breathable and sturdy, then why not give the AUSTRALIA a shot?


2. D7-5

The D7-5 is constructed with both French lace and NPU (poly coating) with a 1/8” folded lace front adding to both the breathability and durability of the hair system. The main difference between the D7-5 and the AUSTRALIA is the type of poly used. If you prefer brushed back styles then we recommend the AUSTRALIA, if you prefer a hair system with bangs then why not try the D7-5.


3. D7-3

The D7-3 toupee for men is made with fine mono and NPU all around. Similarly to the D7-5, it comes with a 1/8” folded lace front, so it is very durable. Under-ventilated hair is used on the D7-3.


4. MF1

The MF1 is constructed with Fine mono and clear poly all around. It incorporates thicker poly than the AUSTRALIA.


We sincerely hope that you have learnt more about these men’s toupees and you cannot wait to try a new one out! These popular stock hair replacement systems are currently on sale and can be shipped to you immediately via FedEx or DHL, you will receive your new system within 3 – 5 working days. We can also craft customized orders, please contact us for more information at : or get in touch with us on WhatsApp at +86 185 6156 9661.



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